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Ch. Mals-About Double Or Nothing JH

May 9, 2014

Ziva and Sherman would like to invite you to join us as we watch their Italian Spinone puppies grow and develop.  These puppies should have it all... beautiful conformation, superb hunting instincts, and a calm gentle nature with a willingness to please.


Ziva                                                                             Sherman

And here they are, just born.


A couple of days old now....


The boys...                                            and                                       the girls

A week old and the babies are growing quite well.

   We'll call this a "sprawl"

Puppy piles make me smile!   

Almost 2 weeks old and I couldn't resist.  They were sprawled around without a care in the world.

Two weeks old and it looks like Ziva might have wanted some time to herself.

    Another use for a food pan.

Three weeks and the babies are really starting to get busy.  Every day sees them getting more inquisitive.

They really get into the eating thing! 


Run for your life, Ziva!                                                        Cornered!              


Mouth games are always a favorite passtime with puppies.

       Moms are comfy to sleep on, yes, they are!

Almost four weeks and these little guys really get into the food thing!  

What a mess they've made!

Four weeks old and these little guys take every opportunity to run through the den!


Soon it will be time to go outside.  We're just waiting for some nice weather when it doesn't rain every time we turn around.


In the meantime, they are busy investigating the house, even the computer room.


No, we weren't off limits!                                             Ring around the end table                   

Gathered back up one more time!

Five weeks old and the kids have moved to the back porch (aka dog room) so they have more unobstructed room to rip and run.  It's also where the doggie door is so they can learn about going outside when the time is right.


What is it about dust mops that attract puppies?  Oh, yes, they like their new quarters!


Life is good when you have room to run and siblings to play with and things to chew on.


I'm so cute!                                                        Hey!  Who's out there?


Watch this toy fly!!                                                  Hi, there!

Six weeks old and the great outdoors awaits!  The puppies went out the door and never looked back.  Life is good!


Seeing what the world has to offer.


Here I come!                                                            Wow!  All in one picture!                     


Just running around having a good time and enjoying the weather.


Did you call me?                                            Look out!  Here they come!          


Please come back often and watch these Spinone babies grow and develop over the coming weeks.  I'll be updating and adding pictures often.


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