Prima Donna Dal Podere Antico


Ch. Mals-About Kentucky Rain

Born May 4, 2013


Ziva and Rain would like to invite you to join us in welcoming our newest Spinone babies.  This litter combines one of Europe's premier kennels with some of the best from the UK.  These little guys should be able to do it all from the couch to the field and on to the show and performance rings.  Both Ziva and Rain have outstanding temperaments and that all important willingness to please.  To view the pedigree for the puppies, click here.



Ziva                                                                                     Rain    (old picture)

And without further ado, here they are!


Ahhh... now the babies are a couple of days old and have their ribbons on.  As we go along, you'll see me refer to a puppy by a color ie the Blue puppy or the Pink puppy.  That's the color ribbon they are wearing.


The girls............                                 and.......                    the boys

A week old already.....


Ziva is being such a good mother.    And notice how she has the puppies sorted so some eat while others rest.  Soon, she had the order reversed.

A picture of contentment.

Two weeks and a couple of days old....

Awww...  a puppy blanket!


Getting up on their feet and being busy already.  We've even had some escapes from the whelping box.

Three weeks old and the little guys finally decided that they would eat after doing nothing but walking or laying in the food for a couple of days.  Obviously, they haven't been hungry.


They were still lounging in the food as much as they were eating but we did make progress.

What a sticky mess but Ziva loved cleaning them up!

A couple of days later....


A preview of things to come...  toys to play with and learning to chase each other around.


Here's what you get for sticking your nose out!                                   Hey, what's the joke?  

Four weeks old and it's getting lively around here!


               Oh, yeah, life is good!  Wrestling, eating, playing with Mom, uhhhh.  Yep, it's good!


Taking full advantage of me leaving their door open for a minute.                                 Hey!  I'm talking to you!                       

A few days later I caught them flat out with Ziva.  These moments are getting rarer.


I'm thinking it's just about time to be making a move to the back porch aka dog room where there's more room to spread out.

Five weeks old and it's definitely time to move to the back porch where these little guys will be able to spread their wings.


Oh, yeah, it's time to move!                                                                           Helping with the sweeping up!


Playing in their new area.  The days are gone when I can get all the puppies in one photo.

Some are having a quick rest while the others were under my feet, untying my shoestrings.

Six weeks old....  Over the last few days, the puppies have been going outside for some play time.  At first it was more just in and out the door as they found hopping in and out nearly as much fun as a new squeak toy.  Soon, though, they became more adventuresome and needed to explore further afield.  Trying to get pictures of rapidly moving puppies all of which are going in different directions is, as always, a challenge.


Some in and some out and some halfway in between....


This little girl said she could RUN!                                                    And this one did, too!                    

       Add a toy and the race is on!


As you can see, there was a lot of movin' going on!  Constant motion and most of it in and around "things" to challenge the camera.

Of course, they had to visit with Ducky and Posey. 


One heads over to show the ball to Ducky while another investigates the tunnel.

Seven weeks old now and the puppies are doing great.  Earlier in the week the puppies had their wellness check up by the vet.  Lucky us, they had a contagious dog at the clinic so Dr. Loster came to the house to do the checks and I didn't have to move puppies from the house to the van, into the clinic and back to the van and then back into the house.  I'll apologize now for not getting pictures up earlier but I put the camera in a safe place and then couldn't find it!


Got teeth?  Yep!                                                         Hmmm... do I dare try to bail off the table?


Be very still now!                                                            Heart sounds good.


Hey, Doc!  Don't push so hard!                                                                And, finally, the last one!

Thank you, Dr. Manta Loster, for taking time to come do our baby wellness checks!

At 7 and a half weeks, these little kids never cease to amaze me.  They are widening their horizons every single day and getting more creative with their play.


Stalking her sister who's enjoying the tunnel.                    Heaven forbid we should use a bit of decorum coming out the dogdoor!


I guess they think they need to do a little exercise!  Notice the ears on the puppy in the middle.


A couple of the puppies playing when some of the others spy a likely target.  Hmmm....

Hey, kids!  That's not your Mom!  Run, Edie!  Run for your life!

A little later, some of the puppies are checking to make sure this Sherpa bag meets specifications.

Eight weeks old and these puppies are just having the time of their lives.  We're working on housebreaking and the puppies are enjoying running in and out the doggie door.  I did have to fence around the motorhome because they were spending a bit too much time under there and I didn't want them to get into mischief.  Oh, the looks on their faces when they came upon a barrier to their favorite play area!

The red collar girl and purple collar (missing) boy on a mission.


Gretchen, the local Border Terrierist, helps keep things lively around here.  The puppies love playing with her.

And Gretchen loves playing with them.  Silly girl can't remember that they WILL get bigger than her and payback is... well.


Lt. Blue Collar girl                                       Red Collar girl                                              Purple Collar boy (yeah, it's off)

Hi, Edie!  Wanna play?

Nearly all the puppies have gone to their new homes now but there are the ones that I'm keeping and a couple of others that are still waiting for just the right home.  Life, to their way of thinking, is all about the next adventure.


Gretchen and Ella square off...                              Flynn about to issue payback to Gretchen.


Rebecca (L) and Flynn (R) will stay here.

    Good puppies all resting...

But later Rebecca decided the water bucket made a fine seat. 

After it was emptied, of course!  Naughty puppies....

Eleven weeks old now and are doing really well in the housetraining department.  They've learned that crates are a great place to have meals without competition.


Gentle playtime for the kids on a very warm evening.

CJ and Flynn watching tv and having some boy bonding time.




Be sure to check back often for the latest developments as these little Italian Spinone grow.  I'll update this page at least weekly until the babies leave for their new homes.

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