Prima Donna dal Podere Antico


Born January 2, 2010

A trip to Holland and a wonderful visit with Trudie and Jenneke ended with my bringing home my lovely baby girl.  Half sister to Michael, Ziva is her own person.  I opted to not put another puppy through a tail amputation so Ziva gets to wear her full tail.  A happy, outgoing girl, Ziva loves life and has one of the sweetest natures I have lived with.  Here is Ziva's pedigree so you can take a look.  Ziva has had all appropriate health clearances done and has passed them all.

Soon after we got back to Kentucky, we loaded up the motorhome and headed for field trials.  Ziva quickly showed us that she LIKES birds!


Hi, Tammy!  Do you like my bird?  And she continued to parade around with her treasure!

Babies wear down, though, so it was back to the motorhome for a rest.

Ziva continued to make trips to Dick and Kathy's Shotgun Farm with me and learned the "game" and loved it!


Here Ziva exhibits a lovely point and after her bird was shot, a very nice retrieve.

Here you go, Dick.  Thanks for shooting my bird for me.

Ziva has been shown only sparingly as I wait for her to mature and for the judges to change their attitudes about full tails.  In the meantime, she delights me every day with her joyful and caring attitude.

     Checking things out on the other side of the fence.

Posing for the camera         

Who knows what the future holds for this lovely girl.  We have so many directions we can go... getting the other half of her Junior Hunter title, obedience, or maybe her show championship.  


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