CH Mals-About Prime Suspect RN JH


Born May 10, 2004

From the time she was born, Suzi has been a free spirit.  Totally consumed with a desire to do everything at top speed, Suzi slows down for only one grandson CJ.  With CJ, she is always patient.  Her energy and barely contained exuberance carried her to her championship quickly.  As you can see from Suzi's pedigree, she is from two Italian imports.  Suzi has passed all her health clearances including being CA clear.

    As a youngster, ready to go into the show ring.

Getting a bit of grooming from CJ. 

How did I get her to run so big?  Simple...  I never told her she couldn't!

Suzi spends most of her time now with her friend and field trainer, Dick Dunnuck. 

After a hard day of training, Suzi relaxing in Dick's lap.  Hard life! 

  but she's ready to go again very soon.

Lucky she's easy to handle!  Here's Suzi completing her Rally Novice title.

And now a veteran, Suzi at age 7 

And she still loves to hunt!

This is one of my favorite pictures of all time!  Suzi showing just exactly how it's supposed to be done.

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