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June 6, 2007

Suzi and Brian invite you to join us as we watch this little bunch of Spinone "criminals" grow.  There's no doubt that they'll lead their parents (and me!) on many a merry chase!  To take a look at their parentage, just click here.


Suzi (left) and Brian (right) in play clothes...

They're here!


Newly born                                                 Day one now wearing their ribbons.

Three days old and Suzi is following in her grandmother's footsteps and wanting to do "home decoration".  She's gathered all the toys she can find and rearranged the mat to suit herself in spite of being told numerous times to leave it flat and tidy.


What do you mean, quit rearranging?           Yeah, yeah...leave me alone.  I'm tired.

Just over a week old...


The girls....                                                    and the boys...


             All piled up with toys that Suzi insists that they need.

A bit over two weeks old and moving around quite a bit...


Suzi says it's a never ending task to keep these babies clean.  Then there's the "seal" look as the babies learn to pull themselves up.


Snack time is very important!  These are very active Spinone babies so have to replenish their food supply very often.


Suzi often rearranges the toys and puppies so she has a comfortable place to lay.

Three weeks old already!  Where has the time gone?


As you can see, they are taking up more and more room in the whelping box.  And they are climbing out and starting to investigate the world outside their bed.


These little girls never pass up an opportunity to check things out.


Part of the puppies catch a quick snack while others take a stroll.


I love to watch the interaction between the puppies.  Here it looks like they are playing doctor, first checking tonsils and then the ears.


Slight puzzlement as another playmate fades and then off to the next target.


While these two practice their walking skills.

Four weeks old and how do we celebrate the 4th of July?  Making messes for Mom to clean up...both of them!


Mom's bucket was just sitting there waiting for a little kids to get into.  We couldn't help it if it knocked the water over too!  And who said the bed wasn't supposed to be rearranged?  Mom does it all the time!


OK, back to bed everybody!  Ha ha!  See how long we stay!


Not very long at all as these two were leaving as I snapped other pictures!  And then, busier and busier!

Hurry up with reading the calendar, Daisy!  You're holding up the procession!


And these pictures just have to make you smile as puppies do what puppies do best...just being so darned cute you can hardly stand it!

Five weeks old and not a bit shy about the food pans!  These guys can eat!


And poor Suzi when they gang up on her!

At five and a half weeks, life is pretty much about play when they aren't eating or sleeping or....


Playing over "walls" is a favorite               Or checking out a new something to chew


    Waving "Hi"                A new and different chew           Now where should I pounce?


Life is good with lots of toys!

Six weeks old and their first trip outside...


They weren't too sure about this big world but quickly got busy!


And that evening we had company so they got to "tree" CJ!

Over the weekend, CJ came to spend the night and give me a helping hand.  A camera, a 7 year old boy and a group of 6-1/2 week old Spinone puppies.  What more could we ask for?



Daisy helping tie CJ's shoestring!                You're a good girl, Dottie!   


Off they go on a mission....                         And here they come, headed back  


  Nope, wasn't me!  I've been right here!          These two are watching a wren that isn't  happy with all the activity.


This little girl is busy checking out the world while CJ uses my gong brush on Suzi.  She doesn't care that it's not a proper brush.  She just knows that her favorite little boy is paying attention to her.


White girl                       White & Brown Boy                      White boy   

Finally worn out!

But just at dark, they were ready to go again!  

Seven weeks old and off to the vet for our wellness checkup.  We're happy to say that the doctors found us all to be in excellent health.


No, they weren't scared, they were tired!  The little heathens were determined to take the clinic by storm.  Open the door and at least two escaped to see who else they could find.  They gnawed the wheels on the doctor's chair and the trash can went up very high!


Dr. Manta checking everything out.              And Dr. Dena dropped in for a snuggle.

Hey, these aren't the only babies in the neighborhood.  Look who came to visit!

This doe has been hanging around for a few weeks now and I suspected there were babies around somewhere and this afternoon, there they were.

Friday evening, 7-1/2 weeks and I look out to laundry and more!  Those little devils are taking full advantage of having to stay inside because of the pouring rain.


Oh, hi, Mom!  We're uh...just picking up some things!      You mean NO laundry or dust mop?


Be sure to check back often as we update pictures of these little Spinone as they grow and change before our very eyes.

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