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April 16, 2007

Scully and Pelu' cordially invite you to join them as we watch their Spinone babies grow.  It should be very lively around here in the coming weeks as we enjoy the pitter patter of so many little feet.  To view their pedigree, just click here.

Scully                                                                      Pelu'

Newborn babies and Scully are all doing very well.  As you can see, there's quite a pile of them there!  I had expected six or so and was quite surprised when they just kept coming, and coming, and coming until there were 10 in all.


Scully is an outstanding mother, making sure the babies are clean and well fed.


Two days old wearing their new ribbons..     Five days and you can see they're growing.

And at a week old...


Boys.........                                                    Girls..........


Can you tell that they are growing?

Two weeks old already!


Aren't we cute?  And starting to get a tiny bit busy.


Last one to the rail gets hind titty!               Let me just kiss that sweet little cheek!

Three weeks old and what a difference that week has made!  The babies are up on their feet now and crawling out of the whelping box to investigate the puppy room.  We'll introduce "real" food in the next couple of days.


Poor Scully!  We might have to get out the whelping box stretcher!


A little earlier in the day the babies were having a fine time playing.


Hi there!  What 'cha doin'?


Toys are wonderful things to chew on but a brother's back will work too!

Three and a half weeks...  Eleven pm and I stepped into the puppy room to take the babies their late night snack to find....


this little one taking a nap in Mom's food bucket!  I know it's not very classy but when a girl is consuming as much food as Scully is, it takes more than a simple food pan.  And since I had the camera handy, I figured I might as well give everyone a preview of the weeks to come.


The fun part of puppyhood is just about to arrive.  That's when the puppies are up on their feet and running around and ready to play.  These little guys are already very responsive when I talk to them and come charging over to me while making their little puppy yelps.  Getting out of the whelping box doesn't seem to be a problem at all but, even with the baby step, it's a stretch for those little legs to get back into bed.

It's Mother's Day which means, of course, that my children and grandchildren could be counted on for a visit and they didn't let me down.  It started out early with my older son Cliff and grandson Cole while his Mom got "quiet time".  As usual, Spinone puppies are kid magnets...


         Puppies LIKE little boy toes!           Hey, Granny, this one looks just like Lindsey!


Cole was having a bit of trouble getting them to come at first because they wanted to see who their Mom was visiting with.  Then they got into the swing of things.

A bit later in the day, younger son Chris and daughter-in-law Paula stopped by so CJ could get his puppy "fix".  We left him to play with the babies while we went out to dig some iris for Paula's new flowerbed.



Well, as you can see the babies are getting lots of attention and are just eating it up.  They are pretty advanced for their age so I'm sure this next week will be another one of progressing by leaps and bounds.

Almost 5 weeks and busier by the minute.  They've grown so much we've put new ribbons on them since we couldn't loosen the old ones any further.  The pictures here were taken at various times over a couple of days.


In, out and about...


Munching on Scully's food...                           And just a bit of a wrestling match.


Silly me to think I could catch them taking a nap!  Can't sneak up on this bunch!


Lots of things for little Spinoni to do.  Soon we'll go outside.

Hey, Mom, what'cha doin'?

Five and a half weeks and their first trip outside.  Well, not quite outside but onto the breezeway, then some exploring.  Not in the least intimidated, they immediately started investigating and found...Trixie!  Scully, of course, had headed for other parts of the yard so they couldn't bother her.


And there's nothing quite like a nap on the cool concrete on a really warm day!

Had a bit of an interruption as we hosted the American Spinone Club annual meeting so got behind on pictures.  We'll try to get caught back up now.  Here are pictures taken when the puppies were six weeks old.  We had folks visiting their "Hank" so took the opportunity for a photo op.


Scully demonstrating her technique for feeding LARGE puppies as Brian looks on!


Hank posturing for his new dad...        Little girl looking for something else to get into.


A bunch of little show offs!

Trixie doing a bit of baby sitting while Scully is busy elsewhere.

And don't forget chow time!          

Almost 8 weeks old and what a difference it makes.  Very adept at racing in and out the dog door, dragging dog beds around, and, in general, living life to its fullest.


Here is Missi giving instruction on how to pounce on a toy and how to put things over the fence.  Needless to say, she has a captive audience!



In the meantime, Scully has been supervising "Tunnel 101".  The kids quickly got the hang of it and are spending hours running in and out of the tunnel or even taking a nap in it.


Buster and Pink girl                                          Buster and Easy   


          And life is good when you have lots of toys to play with!

Nine weeks old and full of mischief!  Several of the puppies have left for their homes but the others are taking full advantage of the extra attention.  They recently slipped into the den where Suzi has her babies and proceeded to disrupt everything.  That's OK, though, 'cause they only get to be Spinone babies once!


Suzi let them know over the baby gate that they better behave...or else!  Buster could care less, he's just going his merry way!


Scooter catching up on tv time while Mysti sits "pretty" for me to get her picture.

Be sure to check back often as I update the page to show these Spinone puppies' progress.

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