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September 25, 2006


Scully and Pelu' announce the birth of their Spinone Italiano babies and invite you to join us as we watch their little "Paws" grow.  To view the puppies' pedigree, just click here.


Scully                                                      Pelu'    

Newly born and Scully is ready for a bit of a rest...

  All dressed in their ribbons...                         


Boys      and      Girls                          Five days and growing like weeds!

At one week......


 Scully is an exceptional mom, feeding and cleaning constantly. 

Two weeks old today....


Just can't wait for her to lay down...               Ahhh..that's better!  

Nearly three weeks....

Grandson CJ was here this weekend and finally got his wish!  He kept wanting to know why the puppies didn't "wake up" because their eyes were closed.  His delighted "Oh look, Granny, they're finally awake!" just made me smile.  The puppies definitely have their eyes open and are moving around very well for their age.  


Here they are, practicing walking.          CJ holding "Yellow Girl"        


Red boy thinks there may be something in that finger!  And here they are today getting a REAL meal!

Jail break at 3-1/2 weeks!  I came back into the house from doing some outside chores to find puppies all over the den.  They were having a great time!


Let's see, which way should we go now?

And when it was all over....


it was nap time!  And these kids definitely know how to relax!

Four and a half weeks and we'll now forget trying to get all the puppies in one picture!  They're all over the room now!


I managed to catch most of them in one shot!  But they were quickly off and going again.


Scully tries to catch a well earned snack but got sidetracked and the boys thought they should check it out until THEY got sidetracked!


Just watch this ball roll!  Yeah, go ahead, I have to arrange Mom's bed.

Five weeks old and I thought you might like to see "still" pictures of the kids...


The boys....


The girls....

It's Halloween and we had Trick Or Treaters in the form of my two grandsons.  As you see, Spinone puppies love the extra attention.


CJ made a very believable pirate but we did put his sword up so nobody had a chance to cut their teeth on it.


And right on his heels came Cole depicting Bob The Builder.  The puppies did their best to steal his tools and really enjoyed chewing shoestrings.

Six weeks (well, almost!) and a beautiful warmish Sunday so the kids could go out to play for the first time.  As you can see, they decided that this was fun!

OK, look quick!  I got them all in one pic!

Let the games begin!



The "tunnel roll" seems to be a favorite!             Hi, there, big dogs!         


While a couple of girls play in the leaves, the boys catch a quick snack!

Play time is over and everybody is ready for a nap!

Six and a half weeks and we went for our wellness checkup and to socialize with all the folks at the vet clinic.  We had a great time!


What are you gonna write, Doc?             Yep, there's two!                 


And what are the others doing while they wait their turn?  Well, at THIS moment they were being good or maybe just getting their second wind! 

Back home and the yard was calling so off they went!


Hey, Mom, guess where WE went!   And a tumble in the grass on this beautiful sunshiny day.  They had a grand time!


And these, my children, are BIRDS!


Please come back often to see how much the Spinone babies grow as we update the page each week.

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