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cordially invite you to join them as we watch their little Spinone babies grow.  The babies were born on April 9, 2008, and will soon be off on their first big adventure.


Scully                                                               Nick

The babies arrived and off we went, headed out to Illinois for the Spinone nationals.  


 New born                                                                Comfy and warm in their travel quarters.

We're back home now and the babies are snug in their big bed in the den.  We'll have more pictures up in a day or so.

We're a week old now!  Sorry I'm a bit behind on updating the site, I've been busy getting all the stuff ready for our final A-match hunt test and field trials with our local pointing breed club.  Next week it will all be over and things can get back to some semblance of normal.


Almost a week old!                                        One week old today!                 


Just over a week old.  Can you tell they're growing?

Two weeks old and fat as little pigs.  My goodness, Scully is feeding them well!  Their eyes are open now and they are starting to move around a little more.


In the first picture, the boy, wearing dark blue ribbon, is on the right with the girls wearing light blue and berry ribbons.  In the second picture, the boy has moved to the bottom of the picture.


As you can see from these pictures with Scully, they have grown leaps and bounds in the last week.  

We'll be 3 weeks old tomorrow but Mom couldn't resist take our pictures today because we were being so cute!  We're starting to play!


There just has to be a way out of here!                     Excuse me, I just have to go over there.


Now where is that duck?                                     We'll just snuggle up a bit here.

Four weeks old and they're climbing in and out of their bed just easy as can be.  If it'll stop raining maybe they can get outside to do a bit of exploring.

Poor Scully!  They've got her cornered!


Just a little playtime along with a bit of investigation.  Won't be long now til they're all over the place!

And we'll finish today with a late night snack while Mom looks on.

Five weeks old already!  It's hard to believe!  The babies are out investigating every chance they get.  Lots of new things to see and do!


What do you think?  I'm not sure what it is.                 It's a Kong!  Pounce on it!                     


Shhhh....I think I can get it!                                   Scully just has NO class!  


            I'm the boss!                           I'm the Queen!                                                      What?            

It was a lovely sunshiny Sunday so the kids took full advantage of it!  And they had a surprise waiting when it was time to go back inside!


Just taking it all in for a minute  but then we had to make a dash for it!

Watch that step!  It must be all of 4 inches high!


Be sure to check back often to watch these Spinone babies' progress.  This page will be updated weekly until the babies leave for their new homes.

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