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November 12, 2010

Missi and Nunzio would like you to join us in welcoming our newest litter of Spinone babies.  With beautiful parents that have wonderful loving natures and a willingness to please, we expect these little "muscle cars" to be able to do whatever is asked of them.  Click here to take a look at the pedigree of these puppies.


Missi                                                                                        Nunzio  

And, now, what you've all been waiting for....


Newly born and just cleaned up                                   One day old wearing their new ribbons

A week old already!  These little guys are really growing, even the teeny little girl.

   Just look at that!


The boys.......                                       and....                            the girls

And all in one big pile again!

It's hard to believe that the babies are already two weeks old!  Their eyes are mostly open and they are starting to get up and try to walk.  It won't be long before they are running around.


Just look at us practicing!

They're even getting more creative in their sleep positions.  I just love puppy piles!

Three weeks old with eyes open and they're on their feet.  I've already had to raise their door because of a couple of escapes.  Hmmmm...  When I make their little "come here" sound, they pop right up and fall all over themselves trying to be the first one to me.  Fun times ahead!


Time to start learning to eat solid food.  I start babies on puppy formula and baby rice cereal.  As you can see, they liked it!  Soon I'll start adding in some soaked Purina ProPlan Puppy Food.

Missi likes doing dishes!

Playtime!  The babies are starting to interact more with each other and toys.  Soon we'll have lots of toys in their box.


Oh, yeah, life is good!  Full tummies, toys and Mom not far away.  What more could a baby want?

Well, the babies are four weeks old now and very lively.  It's always fun to watch as they progress and I love puppies that are outgoing and busy like these little guys.

As the holidays approach, I've taken the opportunity to get Christmas pictures of the little ones.  Always trying to come up with new ideas, I thought it would be fun to have these little Spinoni around their very own Christmas tree.  As you'll see, it didn't work out quite the way I planned.

        It's a very pretty little tree and a couple started to investigate while I tried to gather the others.

Oops!  They're supposed to gather AROUND the tree! 

  It seemed like a good idea when I came up with it!

Oh, well, they had a good time and I enjoyed playing with them.  Thankfully, the little tree didn't suffer any permanent damage.  Soon they'll move out to the dog room (aka back porch) where they'll have more room to play.

Shortly after these pictures were taken the babies moved out to the dog room.  I moved their big bed, thinking that with so many and Missi needing the space to sprawl it was needed.  


The puppies have grown so much they've graduated to both of the "flying saucers" to eat from.  As you can see, some of them really get into their food!

Five and a half weeks and there just isn't room for their big bed anymore so I took the next step.  Well, you can imagine the help that I had taking down the whelping box!


OK, time for lunch anyway and I was able to get the box mostly apart and moved out while they were eating.


Lunch over and they were back at it!  It took twice as long to get things sorted with all the help I had!

Finally!  Whelping box out and big crate in so the babies have lots more room to run around.  As you can see, some immediately took advantage of their bed to take a nap after all their hard work.

Can it be?  Are they really six and a half weeks already?

Shhhhh...let sleeping puppies lay!  Oops, they're popping up one by one!

Oh, well, it was time to let the puppies have a romp while I did a bit of cleanup... with plenty of help!


It looked easier when Mom did it!                                 Now how do you hold this thing again?


Hey, look guys!  I think I found the pee pellets!                          Lemme see!  Lemme see!  It's my turn to look!


Back to bed so I can go fix their lunch and clean up the room.  They had a very busy time.

Seven and a half weeks and off to the vet for their well puppy checkup.  I'm happy to report that everybody did just fine.  And, for once, I managed to remember to take the camera and had a tech that wasn't terribly busy so snapped some pictures for us.


Typical, they were all over the room and would have been out in the hall if we hadn't kept the door closed!  One little guy seemed to be asking Shane what was going to happen.


One bunch stormed the trash can while another group managed to get my jacket down.  Oh, well, it needed to be washed anyway.

    Hey, hold up!  I didn't sign on for this!


Dr. Ross gave them all a thorough going over.

Almost 8 weeks old so puppies will start leaving soon.  These guys enjoy ripping and running through the porch and take every opportunity to explore the rest of the house.  I never know what might end up on the porch after a puppy excursion!


Playing around on the porch and looking out at Mom and the other big dogs while they are outside on this cold day.


It's getting rough and tumble and there comes Lizzy to help.  Some of the others take the opportunity to play in the big dogs' crate.

Mom's back in so everybody has mobbed her!  Poor girl won't tell them to bug off, that the milk bar is closed.

Eight and half weeks old and we finally have decent weather so the kids could go outside to play.


Orange collar boy was on a mission and then stopped to look while the navy collar boy heads back.


Just investigating.....                                                        Gretchen taking everybody for a walk


Ducky stalking Gretchen                                                            Posey just enjoying a run



Be sure to come back often to watch as these little Spinoni grow and develop into happy go lucky youngsters.  I'll update this page weekly until the puppies leave for their new homes.


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