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Mals-About Mutzarella


Mutzi and Pelu' would like to announce the arrival of their Spinone Italiano babies and invite you to join us as we watch them grow.  We'll start, as always with pictures of Mutzi and Pelu'.  The theme for this litter will be Italian Rivers. To view their lineage, click on Pedigree.


                 Mutzi                                                                         Pelu'

Here they are, newly born and cleaned up.  This litter will wear "rick rack" necklaces so when they join forces with Bramble's babies, we can still tell them apart.


The girls are pictured on the left and the boys are on the right.


The babies are doing well and Mutzi is being a wonderful mother.  They have "plumped" up very well over the past week and growing stronger by the day.


As you can see, the babies have grown quite a lot in the last week.  Now at two weeks, they are starting to move about more and have their eyes open.  We do have one that "escapes" from the bed fairly regularly.  Most of the time, though, they stay snuggled up to Mom who is providing for them very well.

At nearly three weeks, we thought we'd introduce a bit of baby cereal.  Boy, they really got "into" this eating thing!


Three weeks old and we can escape!  Won't be long and they'll be running wild.


What a difference a day makes!                   Oh, look!  A Spinoni Sprawl!     

Mutzi may soon be crowded out!  Poor thing has to sleep on the floor part of the time now.

Oh, what a difference a week makes!  Here we are at four weeks and and these guys are ready to GO, GO, GO.  Earlier today they staged a mass escape and I just let 'em go and grabbed the camera.


         Now, let's see...where next?                     Come on, guys!  Let's check out the den! 


       Hey, check out these beds!                  Oh, wow, how come WE don't get one of these?


Heading back in 'cause it's time to eat.      And into bed for a nap.  Playing is hard work!

And five weeks...  They never miss an opportunity to investigate the house.


Poor Mutzi, trying to take a break.              OK, that's it!  I'm outta here!       


Oh, well, since they've found me, we may as well play!


Hmmm...could be some interesting reading!         Let's take a nap in Gina's old bed!   

Whew!  Can you believe these guys are 6 weeks old already?  Here they are, taking a trip to the vet for their wellness check up.


 Look quick!  I'm not stayin' here long!                 I'm not sure I like this one little bit!  


    Plenty of growing room in that skin!              Being a very good little boy.       


    Time for a snack and then a well earned nap.  

Time is just flying and, now at 7 weeks, these guys are investigating everywhere.


From greeting the older puppies through the baby gate to taking the bedroom apart!


And back to the den for a romp and wrangle!

At 7-1/2 weeks, I'm definitely having trouble trying to keep up with them!  Out one door...


      Come on, guys, let's go!                                 Now how did they do that so easy?

A bit of playtime...


And back in a different door!                                                

Hey, guys, wait for us!

Grandson CJ came to visit this afternoon and after getting thoroughly muddy outside, decided he needed to play with puppies on the inside!


They wanted to come out and play, Granny!         Some played by themselves...     


While others "treed" the quarry!                     And others joined the fun!       

Be sure to join us often as we update the pictures of these Spinone babies!

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