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May 7, 2011


Michael and Missi would like you to join us in welcoming their newest Spinone puppies. Superb temperaments, lovely conformation, exceptional hunting ability and an unparalleled zest for life are all attributes that Missi and Michael bring to the table.  We expect to see all of this and more in this special litter.  To see the pedigree on these puppies, just click here.


Missi                                                                     Michael

Never one to shortchange me, Missi decided this litter should be no exception so presented me with 12 lovely puppies.

Birthin' babies is hard work so Missi is taking a well earned nap after everybody was all cleaned up.

Day four...  all the babies are doing very well.  Missi is an outstanding mother, keeping puppies rotated herself to make sure everybody gets what they need.  I know you all are all waiting to see how many of each gender we have, soooo....


Boys                              and...                            Girls  

         You can see these little guys have already grown!

At a week and a half you'll see that these babies are growing right along.

Two weeks old, eyes open and on their feet!  Look out world!


What's a mother to do when they're all moving?          Well, just plop your butt down and hope for the best!

Since the babies are on their feet and moving around, I thought I would see if they were ready for a bit of baby cereal.


Oh, my!  What a mess!  But they enjoyed themselves, got a fair amount in their tummies and Missi was only too happy to do cleanup.

Three weeks old and they're getting busier!  Soon we'll see more than just puppies nursing or sleeping.


Missi is spending less time keeping them gathered to her so the puppies get to play.

And enjoy their food more every day.


These guys take getting into their food literally!  Wet washcloth time!

Almost four weeks and we've moved to the dog room where we have much more room and light to play in.

Lots of space here!

During the week and weekend of their four week birthday we had lots of company in for field training days and local dog shows so there was lots of socializing going on with the puppies.  And now we have time to play and take more pictures.  At four weeks now you can see these little Spinoni are ready to investigate their environment.


Even Michael got into the act when the babies discovered him taking a break.  He soon headed for the couch!

There's so much to see and learn!  The days of getting all of them in one picture are gone unless they are sound asleep.


Running around                         Gretchen giving "how to be naughty" lessons        Hmm...wonder whose bed this is


A couple found that Edie makes a pretty good place to climb while some others grab a quick snack.


        Time to eat yet?                             And then time for a nap before they take off for more adventures.

Well, the little ones celebrated being five weeks old by getting to go outside.  They had a grand time ripping and running and exploring.


Is this how we go out?                                      And with a little help, off they went!


It didn't take them long to want to explore!  No holdbacks here!  They're all going all out!


          Gino asks Girlie why she's behind bars.                Others try to grab a quick snack while Missi is still.


They must have spied something interesting.                                   Scattered to the four winds!                            


                             Edie loves playing with the babies.  When it's her turn, she'll be a wonderful mom.


Finally gathered back up for the day.  It was a busy one so everybody headed for their big crate to take a nap.

Six weeks old already?  Well, that's what the calendar says.  It's just hard to believe...  As you can see, the days are long gone when I can get them in one picture.  They've learned how to go out the doggie door but haven't gotten the hang of going back in.  Orrr...maybe they just want to stay out and play but, between the nasty storms and the heat, they don't get to just stay out.  Instead, they get to practice their going out skills a couple or three times a day.  And I spend my time counting heads to make sure I haven't misplaced anybody.


Yep, the tunnel is always popular!  The race is on to be the first one in         One "works" on the inside, another on the outside.


The tunnel is providing plenty of entertainment for these little guys!


It's a race!                                     If I stretch my neck waaay out I can see what's at the end of the tunnel!


I won!  I think.......                                 But this one has the pink bear!

Seven weeks old today so thought I would catch you all up on the puppies goings on over the last few days.  Gosh, they've been busy!


While some tried out the Jog-A-Dog, a couple did a double retrieve while yet another tried to fit a stick through the doggie door.


Hey, look!  There's Suzi!  Let's see what she's doing!


Daggone!  She's movin' fast!                                   Hmmm...where'd she go? 


     There she is!  Oops, she's headed into the house.                    OK, back to playtime.  Think I'll try stump removal.

Seven and a half weeks and still playing.  They are exploring more and more and becoming more confident.  They are doing well with their potty breaking, heading for outdoors as soon as they finish eating or wake up from a nap.  What good babies!  But soon there will be only one left behind...


The tunnel still holds its magnetism for these guys.  It's funny to see them run through it on their way back to the house. 


Running just for fun                         Time for a bit of a tussle                           And still at it!  


          Never ending energy                                          OK, you get that end while I get this one!

Eight and a half weeks and all the babies have gone to their new homes with the exception of Paisley who will live here.  A confused little girl, trying to figure out where everybody went.


Paisley out looking around.  She even got Gretchen and Edie to help look.


                       And leaving no stone unsearched.                                Where did they go, Edie?  Off to their very own homes, little girl.


Be sure to check back often for the latest developments as these little Italian Spinone grow.  I'll update this page at least weekly until the babies leave for their new homes.

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