Ch. Mals-About Mississippi Girl JH CGC


Born October 19, 2006

Missi is another of the youngsters from the litter sired by British Sh. Ch. Kevardhu Newl With Sophalba.  My heartfelt thanks to Abby Firth for working with me and jumping through all the hoops it took to get Napa's semen shipped over here. 

Missi is a special and talented girl with all the personality in the world.  Here's her pedigree so you can take a look.  Missi has had her health testing done and has passed all with flying colors.

  Even as a baby she showed the soundness and athletic ability that would carry her through.

Missi got to spend a few months in West Virginia with Shelley and Don Hutchison where she got to run through the woods and get some training and socialization.  She came home with a world of confidence and a CGC!  Thanks, Shelley and Don!

True to her heritage, Missi is a bird dog first with all else a distant second.  Here she demonstrates her intensity on point during a test.  Earning her Junior Hunter title was a snap for her.  Bless her heart, we were at a field trial and she was in the motorhome with two week old puppies and she wanted to go hunt so badly.  I guess she thought I could take care of things so she could have a break.  It didn't happen!

Here she is on the day she finished her championship!  What a good girl!

Missi is still just as bird crazy as she's always been.  Maybe I'll get around to getting her steadied back up and work on her Senior and Master titles.  And, there's always obedience.  In the meantime, she has given me some beautiful puppies to carry on the tradition.


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