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CH. Amico Peloso's Tea For Two

January 30, 2009

Missi and Earl invite you to join us as we watch their little Spinone babies grow.  No doubt there will be lots of antics from these little "sitcoms".  To see a pedigree of these Spinone puppies, just click here.


       Earl at home, just chilling                                A very pregnant Missi, a bit chilly        

Born during the worst power outage in the history of Kentucky, these little guys didn't even notice that we were electrically challenged.  Our first pictures aren't the greatest but the flash can only do so much.


   Newborn and just cleaned up.  Then Missi pretending to be a hen and keep the babies all snuggled under her after they were weighed and got their ribbons.

A couple of days old, the electricity is back on and all is right in the world.

We're starting to get back to normal around home and thought you might like to see how the babies are progressing.  They are now four days old.


The boys.....                            and....                   the girls          

Everybody snuggled back together again.

A week old already!  We've got company this weekend!  Earl's Mom, Diana, and Patti M came to visit for the weekend so the babies are getting LOTS of extra attention.


Gramma Diana is VERY pleased!                     Back in bed with Mom for a snack.  

It's hard to believe that the kids are two weeks old already.  Their eyes are open and they are practicing sitting and walking and yipping.  Oh, yeah, they are GROWING, too!


    Earlier today I caught them moving here and there...

and into a pile.


This evening they were even busier.


But had to take time out for a cleanup and a snack.

It's amazing how just a few days can make such a difference.  Here are the kids at 2-1/2 weeks.  As you can see, they've grown by leaps and bounds.


Missi taking care of business.                       The Spinone "sprawl"               

We had an exciting week as the babies took their first road trip.  All safe and snug in their temporary quarters in the motorhome, they traveled to a field trial that I was working.


The biggest challenge for the weekend was convincing Missi that she had to stay with the babies instead of going off to hunt.  In spite of the horizontal winds, blowing rain and snow, the little ones stayed comfy in their home away from home.

The only thing was that Missi didn't have the luxury of eating without help.  Here they are on their three week birthday, helping her with dinner.

Back home and it looks like it's time to start giving those little guys their own dinner plates.


Here are the babies enjoying their first "real" meal.

Can they really be four weeks old already?  The babies are up on their feet now and very mobile.  They enjoy exploring around the den and it will soon be time for getting the baby gates in place.  An added bonus for the kids on their 4 week birthday is a visit from CJ.  He wasn't feeling well so I picked him up from school and he helped out around here until his mom finished work.


       CJ getting a serious puppy fix!


CJ also lets me know if I need to grab the camera for a cute picture.

And... makes sure the puppies have plenty of interesting toys


by raiding the "toy" closet!

CJ's gone home now and the puppies have crashed.  Babysitting is HARD work!

Five weeks old today and, boy, have they gotten busy this last week.  They take every opportunity to explore the den and see what they can get into.  


If it's not nailed down, it's fair game!


Not enough toys, I guess, so somebody found my shoe while another tries her best to remove the cover from the couch.


Life is good when you have lots of toys.


Some like to get creative while another takes advantage of a really soft toy.

A toy headed for bed                         And...finally everybody gathered back up where they belong.

It was a busy weekend for the babies.  First they got to move to the puppy room which gives them more room to play.  Then they had company!  My niece and her family came to visit because the little girls needed a "puppy fix".  While I was helping a friend get her dog ready for the shows coming up, the puppies were well entertained and Shelley snapped a few pics.


There's nothing like puppy kisses!                 Or...having them crawling into your lap!

While watching over the girls, David became a target!


OK, I've got his pants!  You untie his shoe!


And at the end of the visit, the puppies were worn out and ready for a nap.  I bet the girls get to come back for another visit real soon!

Whew!  Another hectic week as we got ready for the shows here in Louisville!  Rik and Diana and Earl and, of course, Hoover were part of our company.  We looked out to see Rik in the middle of things.


I kept wondering why Rik was always wearing his coat until I realized he was tucking puppies in there!  I did a count and we've still got all the babies for another couple of weeks!


Company's all gone and it was time for a snuggle down.  They'll come out a bit later to romp and play and I'll get more pictures then.

Seven weeks old and these guys are getting very busy around the house.  No lack of investigative initiative in these little guys!


Hey, Mom, do you need help?           does this thing work?  



Ripping and running and having a good time!


After getting only one puppy back where it belonged, I had to enlist the assistance of Missi who took the puppy attack all in stride.

Seven and a half weeks and these guys seem to have boundless energy.  Well, that is, until somebody comes to visit.  Then they promptly all decide it's time to take a nap!  Here's proof that these guys are busy!



They all seem to be in continuous motion.  Some more than others!

There's something about that ball....


I think this guy's practicing for steeplechasing!                    There's got to be a way out of here.

Gosh, it's hard to believe that the little guys are eight weeks old today!  The days and weeks have just flown by.  Most of the puppies will be leaving for their new homes this weekend so we'll make the most of the pictures we've got.


The kids caught Lily on the patio this afternoon and she had to explain just how things work around here.  Rule #1 - pay attention when she tells you something.

Rule #2 - don't trip the old dog


Decker and Enzo do their thing.....                   and Luna gets the paw from Michael

Oh, my, CJ and Chris just came to visit!  And just in time since the camera was still close by!


CJ tried to entice the babies out to the gravel but they weren't having any of that so he gave up and came to the patio to play with them.

A couple of the kids just had to go visit with Chris.


Be sure to join us often in the coming weeks as I update the page every few days until the babies leave for their new homes.  Like me, I'm sure you'll find watching Spinoni puppies grow is a fascinating way to pass time.

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