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September 28, 2010

Michael and Missi would like you to join them in welcoming their Spinone babies to the world.  Superb temperaments, lovely conformation, exceptional hunting ability and an unparalleled zest for life are all attributes that Missi and Michael bring to the table.  We expect to see all of this and more in this specially planned litter.


Missi                                                               Michael

And here they are!  


Missi is a wonderful mother, making sure they are all clean and comfy.

A few days later...


The boys                      and.....                      The girls

The whole crew

Already a week old!  The days are flying by and soon these little guys will be out and about, checking out the world.  They are already pretty active, moving around the whelping box and making little squeaky noises.  Missi continues to be an outstanding mother.


Hey guys, where do you think you're going?                         Ahhh...gathered up once more.  

Two weeks old and their eyes are starting to open.  The babies are moving around and starting to get up on their feet now.  


As they get more and more active, it will be harder to get all of them in one picture.


All that activity deserves a snack!                                    And a few days later....   

Three weeks old and the babies are walking around all over their box.  Little puppy barks and puppy noises are the common thing now.  We've even had a few escapes from their whelping box.  It won't be long now til they are all over the place!


            Time for breakfast and everybody dives right in!  These guys like their chow!

Three and a half weeks and my grandson CJ stopped by!  They were dropping their dog off on their way to a Tae Kwon Do tournament where CJ won yet another Gold Medal in Forms and a Silver medal in Sparring.


The puppies took full advantage of having a person closer to their size!

Four weeks old already!  Gosh, it's hard to believe!  The puppies are playing among themselves, eating well and learning to move out of the whelping box to utilize the newspaper on the floor.  


Oh, yeah, did I mention growing at an astounding rate?

Road trip!  Yep, we packed everybody up in the motorhome so we could go off to the hunting tests for the weekend.  Busy weekend what with keeping up with all the paperwork that goes with being Event Secretary plus getting dogs to the field and making sure the babies were snug.  It was a good weekend for our guys with Daisy finishing her Junior Hunter title, little 6 month old Zip earning two legs and 9 month old Ziva earning one leg.


Here are Missi and the babies, snug as bugs in a rug in their area of the motorhome.

Five weeks old and it's time to move to the back porch aka dog room where there's more light and more room and less things to get into.  It's also close to the doggie door for when we start venturing outside.


While I was busy moving the xpen and getting their area all ready, Edie kept the babies entertained in the den... and elsewhere.  There were puppies all over the house! them gathered back up and into their new quarters.


Lots more room and natural light and, oh, yes, I can keep Missi off the kitchen counter!


All that activity gave the little guys an appetite so they were happy to have lunch served.

We had company for part of the weekend!  CJ came to spend the night and help out around here.  The puppies thought he was great fun and loved the snuggles he gave.


Gretchen helped out, too...                    Playing while I mopped up...                          Time to go home...


Missi came in for a quick snack and then disappeared out the dog door!

Six weeks old and we're having unseasonably warm weather so it's outside we go.  We'd already had a couple of the kids that had slipped out the dog door so it was time.  Sure wish this weather would hold for a few more weeks!


Edie takes her babysitting duties seriously!                     Hey, which way shall we go?                 


No way can I get all the puppies in one picture any more.  I'll do well to keep up with them as they investigate!


Out in the yard!  There's lots of stuff to see!                                                  Michael looks on as they invade HIS yard!


Be sure to check back often for the latest developments as these little Italian Spinone grow.  I'll update this page at least weekly until the babies leave for their new homes.

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