GCh. Ch. Buonarroti Dal Podere Antico RN JH CGC


Born January 27, 2008

"Which puppy should I take?"  I constantly asked Trudie Van Lieshout and Jenneke Van Doorn as new pictures would arrive from Holland.  What a lovely group of puppies but I wanted a special little boy.  As the days and weeks went by, one puppy kept drawing my attention.  Right or wrong, that needed to be my new baby.  And when I met him in person I knew I had made the right choice.  Michael had my heart from the very minute I held him in my arms for the first time.  He's naughty and he's nice.  He makes me laugh and he's made me want to scream in frustration.  There are times I swear that Crissy has come back to me in a different suit of clothes.  But, there's one thing about it, living with Michael is never boring and I've never had anybody meet him that wasn't enchanted with him.  That's my little Dutch boy!  Here's his pedigree so you can take a look.  Michael has successfully passed all his health clearances including being CA clear.


It was a long trip but now we're home!  I'm smiling as I think back to that baby sleeping so sweetly in my bedroom.  He still sleeps in my bedroom and still has "Blue dog" and "Croccie".

Six months old and along to help make points for others.  He finished his championship in two weekends at 6 months of age!

So what do you do with a puppy that has already finished his championship?  You take the next step so on to Rally we went.


But I don't want to down!!!                                                 Whew, we made it through! 


And at the end of the weekend, Michael had added another title to his name.  We celebrated by having McCartney do his caricature.

"Let the big hairy stay with us for a while" said Dick Dunnuck when I took Suzi up to him to work with in the field.  After shedding many tears because I missed him so much, I had to admit that Michael was having an absolute ball so let him spend a month with Dick and Kathy.  These days, if you see me and Michael isn't with me, you can bet that he is visiting with Dick and Kathy who have come to love him nearly as much as I do. 


Michael has turned into one of the most solid gun dogs I've had the pleasure of watching.  Dick refers to him as his big hairy vacuum cleaner.

And has become his habit, Michael earned his Junior Hunter title in one weekend.  There's little doubt that he'll add the Senior and Master titles as well.

But there's still his showing, so...

His first weekend back in the show ring since he was 6 months old and started earning Grand Championship points.  There's just no limit to what this boy will accomplish.

And not too many shows later, the boy finished his Grand Champion title.

Life goes on and Michael continues to be my most special boy.  We're making some progress toward his next level in hunting and I toy with the idea of getting his obedience CD.  There's some work yet to be done in that department.

In the meantime, Michael's children are certainly making their mark in the show ring as well as the field.  I can never thank Trudie and Jenneke enough for allowing Michael to share my life.


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