Ch. Mals-About Ginger RE JH CGC


Born January 7, 2001

Lily was born here and except for the time she spent with Ruth Adams has always lived here.  As I was working on gathering pictures for her page, I realized just how few pictures of Lily I have taken over the years.  A talented girl, Lily finished her championship easily.  Her true love is hunting and she took over the job of "teacher" to puppies when we lost her grandmother, Crissy.  Excellent in obedience but too smart and often too creative for her own good, Lily still needs one more leg for her CD.  Will we get it?  Who knows...  Here's Lily's pedigree so you can take a look.  She had her health testing done and passed each of them.

  Six months old and her first bird.  She held her point while a friend grabbed the camera.  Never a speed demon in the field, Lily never went birdless, often finding birds that other dogs missed.

On her way to another leg toward her Rally Advanced Excellent title.  She likes Rally much better than traditional obedience.  Maybe because there are different things to do.

Lily at about age 4.

Above and beyond her "professional" accomplishments, Lily has given me some outstanding youngsters over the years.  You'll see her children and grandchildren on other pages.


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