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March 23, 2008

Lily and Nick invite you to join us as we watch their newborn Spinone babies grow into bouncing Spinone youngsters.  This latest "Edition" decided that Easter Sunday would be a good time to come into the world.  To view their pedigree, just click here.


Lily                                              Nick

And here are the babies!


Just cleaned up and we can take a break.      And now Day 1 sporting their colored ribbons

One week old now...


The boys.....                                  and the girls...  

and growing!


It won't be long now until Lily and the babies must move to the bigger bed.

This week the babies moved to the predicted bigger bed so they have more room to grow.  Their eyes are opening and I hear little yips as they start to practice making little doggie noises.  


The little ones are practicing getting up on their feet but aren't too good at standing just yet.  It won't be long, though!

Road trip!  Yep, we had to make a trip out to Illinois for the Spinone nationals so, of course, the babies had to go along so I could keep a close eye on them.  They had their custom made box so they could be safe and comfy in the motorhome.


Loaded up and ready to roll                           Exhibiting a perfect Spinone 'sprawl'

While we all dealt with wind and rain, you can see the babies stayed quite comfortable and, in fact, started moving around quite a bit and entertained us with their little puppy chatter.  We're back home now and they are back in their big box so the next pictures will see them up on their feet and moving around.

Three weeks old now and time to start learning about puppy food.  Here they are, the first time, and, as usual, they are wearing as much as they got into themselves.  That's OK, though, because they have learned very quickly what those bowls of baby food are for!

All cleaned up and back in their fresh bed so they can play.


Pssst...think we can escape?                            Hey, look, we could walk on this board!

And Lily went back to bed to make sure everybody was clean and tidy.

Four weeks old and busier by the minute!  


I sneaked out and thought I would take a couple of shots of the babies all snuggled up and sleeping with Lily.  And then they saw me!  Here they came in a mad dash!


Here they are playing in and out of their bed.  Of course, there's always one that acts as a sentinel.  One of their favorite pastimes is playing with Michael through the fence.  He thinks they are pretty neat, too.  

Five weeks old and, since the weather was lovely, their first trip outside.  As you can see, they weren't intimidated in the least by the great outdoors and set off to explore their domain.

There's Brian helping herd them and make sure nobody gets into trouble.


What a great time they had!  Here's one telling Lily all about his adventure.

Almost six weeks and it's a very rainy day so we can't go outside so we just make the most of the inside.


Ripping and running all over the porch              Let's mangle that pesky broom!    


Time for lunch                                 and back to bed for a quick nap  

NOW we're 6 weeks old and the sun is shining bright!  The days of getting all the puppies in one picture have ended.


Off to find a toy                                            What?  Did somebody call?     


      Poor Lily!                                                Hey look, here's Michael's 'bankie'!


Lookout!  Here I come!                                 Hmmm...wonder what's up there?

We've hit another spell of cold damp weather so play time has often been limited to inside.  In the dash to dodge the raindrops, the camera got left behind when the babies went to the vet for their wellness check.  

Sunday, Mother's Day and the babies' 7 week birthday, dawned particularly wet and cold along with high winds.  We just sort of took it easy.

At least until grandson Cole showed up!  They didn't even notice there was an 'extra' in their bed!  That is, except for one!


                                                                   Hey, who're you!  How'd you get in there!

FINALLY!!!!  A day without rain!  Still a bit cool but that's OK, the sun is shining!


Off they go with Lily!                                         Some to investigate.....


Some to try out the tunnel.....                         And some to catch a snack or dig holes...


Be sure to check back often to see the changes in these Spinone babies as I update their page every week until they leave for their new homes.

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