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British ShCh. Kevardhu Newl With Sophalba ShCM

Born  10/19/2006

Lily and Napa are very proud to introduce this very special litter of Spinone Italiano babies.  Nearly a year of planning and more than a few "hair tearing" moments went into this frozen semen breeding.   So join us as we celebrate with a "Song".  Our thanks to Abby and John Jackson for allowing us to feature this lovely photo of Napa.


Lily                                                     Napa 

Three beautiful babies, two girls and a boy, join our family...


At one week, these babies are growing very well.  Though one little girl looks smaller, she's actually the one that's the proper size!


A week and a half and eyes are just peeping open.  


The girls.......

and the boy...

Two weeks old and these kids are outdoing themselves in the growing department!


Their eyes are open and they're starting to practice standing.  The walking isn't going too well yet but give them a bit of time and they'll be going.

And now, at nearly three weeks, they'll start getting plenty of exercise as they have "visitors".  A nearby Mastiff litter of 18 needed a bit of a helping paw as some of the babies weren't doing too well.  Lily offered her services as surrogate Mom so the four smallest have come to stay for a bit and, hopefully, grow fat and strong.


It's hard to believe that these tiny babies are a week and a half older than Lily's babies.  Bet they'll start catching up pretty soon!

Unfortunately the tiniest Mastiff baby didn't make it but the others are doing very well with Lily's mothering.  And, of course, Lily's Spinone babies are getting bigger and cuter by the day.


Those Mastiff babies sure can dig in!              Let me check your tonsils for you!      

The Spin babies, of course, were finished!


Heading over the side of the box...        All manner of toys to play and snuggle with!

What they still do best...naptime!

Almost four weeks old now...

               The girls.....                                                 and the boy

Rain, the little boy, seems to have a problem staying with the others.  He thinks he needs to find me so can often be found sitting in the door to the bedroom as he tries to figure out where I might be.

A venture to the den...


"Blue"                                                          "Rain"      


           "BG" just wants to nap!        And back to bed with Mom and the Mastiff babies.

Just had to include this one!

Almost five weeks and they're just a bit too busy for the bedroom.  So...they've made the move to the porch where they'll have plenty of room without rearranging everything!


Chowtime!                                       They take LOTS of naps!

Lily likes it on the porch too 'cause she's closer to the dog door.  Or maybe she's sleeping with them because she hasn't got MY bed handy to lounge on!


Be sure to come back often as we watch the Spinone babies grow through the next weeks!

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