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New parents on May 16, 2005!

Lily and Eli would like to invite you to join us as we watch their Spinone Italiano babies grow.  We'll update their page weekly so you can see the progress of this "Cereal" litter.  To see their lineage, just click on pedigree.


Lily (ungroomed) on Mother's Day                   Eli at the shows           

     And now...the babies!


Newborn babies always look so tiny but Lily is a wonderful mother and is very careful.

At one week, there's already a big difference.  It almost seems that they grow between trips by the whelping box.


The girls...all 7 of them!                        And the boys...only 2!


We call these poses the "Spinone Sprawl"

Are they growing?  YES they are!  As we say here in Kentucky, Lily milks like an old Jersey cow.


At nearly two weeks, the eyes are starting to open and the kids are starting to try to get up on their feet.  There's even been a practice bark or two!

And a couple are even beginning to try to perfect their climbing abilities.  They'll move out of the den into my bedroom for a few days so all the folks trooping in and out for the ASC meeting won't disturb them.


All the excitement of troops of folks through the bedroom didn't faze this group.  They just kept on playing...and escaping.  We even had one make it all the way to the dining room before she was retrieved by helping hands!

But now it's time to move out to the porch (aka Dog Room) so they have plenty of room to play and I don't have to worry about soggy carpets!

Three and a half weeks and they definitely need the room to spread out.  


Lily taking it easy while the babies practice using the step to get in and out.  Later, some catch a nap...


While others wait for some excitement...  and get it!

Four weeks old and they're chowing down!


And playing....                                       Oops!  Bottoms up!

At almost 5 weeks...

OK, guys, go on out and play.  I'll just take a nap...


Let's see...which way to go?                          Ahhh...we'll see Darcy and Matthew!


Cyndy's boy...                                                  "Green" girl  (Trixie)

Nearly 6 weeks and they get busier every day...



Checking out the baby teeter and tunnel...       And just plain busy!


I've got it and you can't catch me!             Hey, come on!  Come and get it!


Yellow girl  (Katie)                                          Pink girl  (Blue)            

Seven weeks and they are into everything!


Poor Lily getting "rolled"!                        And then a romp through the kitchen!


Practicing their agility skills...                       And meeting Moose!                


Be sure to come back and join us often as we watch the Spinone babies grow!

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