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Ch. Dazen's Gift To Mals-About CD, CGC

born September 21, 2003

Lily and Kermit would like to present their new babies and invite you to join us as we watch them grow.  As you will see, there is quite a group to watch!  The theme for this litter is "Muppets".  


                            Lily                                                                Kermit

And now we'll see the first pictures of the Muppets!   Here's their Pedigree.


  Here they've just been born and Mom's still in shock!              At one day, sporting their new ribbons!


At 4 days, they're starting to fill out some.   Now, at one week, we're already having to loosen some of the ribbons.  Lily is being a great Mom!


               The Boys                                                               The Girls

At two weeks, the eyes are starting to open and they are starting to make little yipping noises.  Since this has been a pretty active bunch, this next week will probably see them trying to get up and walk around.  All the puppies have now more than doubled their birth weight.


Three weeks see the babies playing in their food rather than really eating much but just wait, this time next week they'll be diving in.  Needless to say, in the meantime there will be lots of after meal wipe offs cause Lily just threw up her paws at the mess these guys had made!  As you can see, they are up on their feet and navigating about the whelping box.  


As predicted, now that the babies are 4 weeks old, they are eating like little pigs and getting it inside instead of all over their outsides.  Already very mobile, they're climbing in and out of their whelping box and investigating the kitchen.


   Posing for a half a nano-second!                Whew!  that was hard work!  Time for a snack and a nap!


At 5 weeks, the puppies have definitely widened their horizons!  Here some of them are trying to figure out how to get back up the step into the mudroom.  And....poor Lily!  They are keeping her on the go!


The weather is absolutely beautiful so I let the babies go outside.  This is their first time to venture out into the "big" world and they took it right in stride and had a grand time.  Needless to say, there is lots to investigate outside but the attraction du jour seemed to be the "tunnel".  I would say that we have a group of agility dogs in the making!


    Hey!  How does this thing work?                   What a neat toy!  See, I can go back the other way!


               One at a time, now!                                                  OK..... next in line....


   Hey, what do we have here?                                    Granny...they're eating my toes!


Six and a half weeks and they're really interested in all the various toys and exploring.  But...when I call, here they come!


        I think I want that leg!                                         No!!  It's MINE!!!

We've hit a stretch of very wet weather but the kids just play with the smaller tunnel that lives on the porch! 


      Look, Mom!  We can still play tunnel!              Hold up, Dude!  I was just trying to go through!

And when we're finished playing....we SPRAWL!!!!

Be sure to check back often as we update the pictures and watch our group grow to be very busy babies.  Don't be surprised if you see a grandson or two mixed in!

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