Ch. Mals-About's Moonlight Sonata


Ch. Mals-About In The Nick O'Time

are waiting for the arrival of their new babies at New Year's.  Watch as Josie and Nick's Spinone Italiano babies arrive and grow.  And here they are!  Born on New Year's Day, January 1, 2006.  Here is their pedigree.


Josie (very pregnant)                                Nick                  


 Josie is ready for the waiting to be over!      they are!                        

One day old and dressed in their ribbons.


The girls....                                                  and the boys  


Nearly a week.  That boy's not snuggling MY babies!          And....a week old today!  

A week and a half and, oh, are they growing!


 Just over 2 weeks now and they seemed to have doubled in size while Brian and I were off to the Eukanuba Invitational.  Brian did very well and brought home the honors for Best Bred By Exhibitor in Breed.


Three weeks old...and they are starting to walk and play


Toys are fun but make nice pillows...  And playtime turns into a wrestling match


Yummy, this food's pretty good!   And now a clean up and snuggle with mom.

Four weeks old and getting braver by the minute.  Here they've discovered the kitchen and will soon start exploring all over.


Soon rounded back up...


And just a couple of days later, proving their agility...or not!

Five weeks old and definitely on the go.  Poor Josie is having a hard time these days.


Run, Josie, run for your life!    I'm sorry, kids, it appears your mother made good on her escape.

That COULDN'T have been these sweet little angels!  Or could it?

Six weeks and definitely NOT angels!  They are getting VERY busy AND creative!


Hey, look at all these neat magazines.  Think Mom still wants them?

Hi Lily!  How come you're hiding in the bedroom?

And while some were creating havoc in the dining room, others were working on the porch.


Wow, did you see the pile of teeny paper pieces we found?  We scattered it all out again so nobody would step in it!

Oh, hi there!  What do you mean you didn't need help sweeping up?


Whew!  FINALLY got the wild little Indians gathered back up so they could have a snack and a nap.

Almost 7 weeks and out they go to play for just a little bit...


Some visited with Jessica while another tried out the baby teeter...

Almost eight weeks and they are EVERYWHERE!


They RUN....

Visit Grandad Kermit...and the bird pen!


And perfect their technique on the teeter...


Be sure to check back often as we watch the Spinone babies grow and play!

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