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Dolce Gusto z Arislandu  (major pointed)

June 1, 2019

Gabby and Goose would like to invite you to join them in welcoming their babies.  Following their heritage, these little guys and gals should fulfill all the dreams that have come through generations of Spinoni that conform to the breed standard while being able to perform in the field as they were bred to do.  Conformation showing, hunting, performance or just enjoying a hike in the woods with their family, these puppies are bred to do it all.  As always, these puppies carry full health guarantees for those diseases applicable to the breed.  To see the pedigree on these puppies, just click here.


Gabby                                                                        Goose

And here they are!

     As you can see, there is a very large pile of puppies!

Day One and we're all still a bit worn out from all the work of getting these babies safely here.  Gabby is a wonderful mother and has quickly settled in for the monumental task of caring for 13 babies.


The girls                                  and....                               the boys

And sweet Gabby with a baby tucked up under her chin.  Such a good girl she is!

A week old already!  This is a very active, healthy bunch of babies and Gabby is certainly doing her part.  All the puppies are doing well and are growing by leaps and bounds.


They spread out and work the entire whelping box and then pile back up for a rest.

Gabby does her magic to keep puppies rotated so everybody has a full tummy.

Two weeks old and the puppies are starting to get on their feet.  Now that their eyes are open, they are much more active and every day sees more progress in their mobility.  Gabby continues to be all that I could wish for in a momma dog.


Soon this fast growing litter of 13 isn't going to fit in one picture!



As the babies become more mobile, I'm seeing more interaction within the group.

And we'll finish off the week with a puppy skirt.

Almost three weeks old and up on their feet so I decided it was time to start giving these little Spinoni some real food.  Gabby is a super mom but this many babies is pushing her to her limit so we'll give her a bit of assistance.


It wasn't clean or tidy but they are getting the idea.  Like all things, it just takes practice.  And Gabby didn't mind doing clean up at all!


I love it when the puppies start playing and interacting with one another.

And Gabby, doing what she does best right now.

Three weeks old now and I've given up trying to keep them confined to their whelping box.  The babies are going in and out of their box now and responding when I click my tongue and tell them it's time to eat.  They are still messy eaters but that's okay, they are still learning.


This little girl was so full after lunch she couldn't even make it back into bed!  These guys caught Gabby going to have a rest and took full advantage.


Looks like a party in progress.                                                                  One down and one to go!

Three and a half weeks and it was just one of those days....  When the food pan leaps off the counter, splattering food all over everything including me, what do I do?


I called in a clean up crew!

And now back to regular programming while I cleaned up the kitchen.

Four weeks old and it's time for toys.  The puppies are busy and interacting well with one another and the world around them.  Now that they've taken to shaking newspaper and chewing on each other, it's time for the next step.


Well, it was right after they ate so they wound down pretty quickly.


Some thought they were fun to shake while others decided that toys make good pillows.

The week wouldn't be complete without a picture of the puppies with Gabby so you can gauge how much they've grown.

Five weeks old and a lot has been going on the lives of these little Spinoni.  Even though the temperatures are still in the 90s, at least it wasn't raining.  Time for these little guys to see more than their tidy little world.


At least on the breezeway, the sun wasn't beating down.  And the puppies were quite happy to do a bit of investigating.

I think I can reliably say that the days of having all the puppies in one picture are over.

And so they would have more room to play in addition to an easier path to the outdoors, the babies have moved to their new digs on the back porch aka dog room.  The den seems very empty now without the big whelping box and puppy pen.


Gabby giving the new set up a quick check while trying to avoid being mobbed.


The puppies seem to think it's an okay place to be.


And while some played in one crate or tried to see what I was doing, these two set up shop in the second crate.

Six weeks old and the babies have continued to grow and develop more.  While they weren't so sure about the great outdoors, now they embrace the freedom to rip and romp and explore.  The temperatures have continued to be oppressive so early mornings and late evenings continue to be the main outdoor times.


Poor Gabby can't even get a drink without help.                                    Following the drips...                  



Just busy puppies checking out the world.


These guys thought they could sneak up on Charlie while he was napping.  Wrong!



Puppies being puppies....

Looks like it's time to go in for dinner!

Seven weeks old and it's been another busy week filled with new things.  On Wednesday, the babies went to the vet clinic for their wellness checks.  Dr. Ross said they were all healthy, happy babies.

All loaded up and ready to roll.  That's a car full of puppies!


There were lots of hands to help get the babies inside and no lack of snuggles for them.


Busy babies checking out this new environment.  The new clinic has nice, spacious rooms for puppies.


And while Dr. Ross gave them their check ups, she was good enough to set some of them up for photo ops.


And when it was over it was all hands on deck to get them back to the car!

The folks at Pewee Valley Veterinary Center are the best!

The weather continues to be miserable so I have to limit the amount of time the puppies are outside each time.  They are doing well with their house training so the cleanup inside is getting easier every day.  These are such good puppies!


Early morning and bright sunshine makes getting good pictures difficult.


While some are out in the sunshine.....


others prefer to play in the shade or lounge in the cool spot on the breezeway.

Eight and a half weeks and most of the babies have gone to their forever homes.  Two of the puppies are staying here and others are waiting for just the right home for them.


A wrestling match                                        and trying to get Charlie to play.


Splash                                and                   my Frankie boy


Pink collar girl


Lavender collar girl                                      Blue collar girl and lavender collar girl on a mission


Blue collar girl ready to pounce                  Lavender collar girl                              Blue collar girl and Fancy

Please come back often and join us in watching these Spinone babies grow and develop over the coming weeks.  I'll be updating and adding pictures often.


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