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GCh. Ch. Buonarroti Dal Podere Antico CD BN RE JH CGC

May 22, 2014

Edie and Michael would like to introduce their new babies and invite you to join us as we watch these little Italian Spinone grow and develop.  These babies will have it all.  They've come from two parents who are combining two of the top Spinone kennels in Europe and the UK.  You can read more about Edie and Michael in Meet My Dogs.


Edie                                                          Michael

As usual, Edie wanted to do things her way.  So instead of waiting until fall...  Here are before and after pictures.


 Looks ready to pop.                                                        Oh, my!  No wonder she was so huge!

Everybody all cleaned up and have their ribbons on.


The boys...                                    and....                               the girls.                 

When the babies were five days old, Edie bloated and went into torsion requiring emergency surgery and a hospital stay.  While Edie was away, Ziva helped with the cleanup chores and I took care of bottle feeding everybody.  Thankfully, my niece and nephew-in-law have goats and were able to supply us with fresh goat's milk.

   Staying snuggy warm while they wait for mom to get home from the hospital.

She's home again and very happy to have her babies back!  

Two and a half weeks and the babies are growing and starting to stand.  I even saw a couple starting to play mouth games.


Soon they will start getting baby food and then they'll really take off and grow.

Three weeks old!  Goodness, time is flying!  We've dispensed with the bottle and gone to the pan.  The babies are getting more steady on their feet and will soon be dashing around and in to everything.


When the babies can get up on their feet and walk around, I know it's time to start feeding them.  Yep, we're there!


Whew!  Those first couple of meals are a real mess!  There's almost as much on them as in them!


After a couple of days, they are getting the hang of eating and starting to wander around and investigate after they eat.

Back to bed so Edie can get them all cleaned up.


Some are even cleaning on each other while others try to figure out how to reach dessert.

Four weeks old and the babies are expanding their horizons.  There are too many to try to get them all in one picture anymore.


Playtime!  There's almost a continual wrestling match going on these days.


As usual, we seem to see them going away more often than not.


The den makes a wonderful playground.                                                    And they're off!!         


Did you want us?                                                                      Let me see what that is on your nose.

Five weeks old and the babies are continuing to grow and get busier every day.  


Yeah, they are growing.  Poor Edie, no room for her in the box anymore.

It's time to take down the whelping box.  The babies need more room to play.  They'll stay in the den for a while longer since Ziva's kids still have the back porch.


Good babies to stay out of the way while I take their whelping box apart and carry it out, piece by piece....

Well, almost out of the way since it takes some fancy footwork to keep from walking on somebody when there are 11 of them.


Of course, some of them had to "help".  And one continued to nap throughout the process, not willing to give up her bed.

Whew!  That was hard work!  Now to get them off the dirty mat and onto the clean one and finish scrubbing the floor...

Six weeks old and the babies are ready to expand their horizons.  The babies got to go outside for the first time.


The babies think outside is a great place to be.  They hit the ground running.

Life is good when you get to go outside to play!

Wow!  Lots of room out here!  

         And grass to roll around and play in!


Cute little girl!                                       Oh, look!  There goes Mom!  Let's try to catch a snack!


Hi, Poppy and Doogie!  We've been outside and had the very bestest time in the world!

Back in their pen and totally knackered!

Seven weeks old and we're off to the vet for our wellness checks.  It's a busy day!

Whew!  Loaded up and ready to go.  Techs are waiting to help unload when we get to the clinic.


Most are being good babies and just lounging around.  Blue boy is trying to figure out how to open the drawers to do a bit of shopping and the orange girl is waiting for somebody to open the door so she can slip out and run up the hallway.


Uh, oh!  What's going on? People are coming in.                             You didn't tell us we had to sit on a scale!


Good girls standing pretty for Dr. Ross.


We're being good, too!


Are you sure it won't hurt?                                     See there?  It didn't hurt a bit!

All done and time to head home.  Tim sure has his hands full!

Oops!  I seem to have lost the pictures from eight weeks!  Soooo....we'll just go to nine weeks.  It's been a busy week with most of the babies headed out to their new homes.

There are only five of the babies still here but, oh, my, they are a handful!


I haven't quite figured out why most of the pictures are with the puppies headed away.  Maybe because if I try to get them to turn around, they immediately come running and stand on my feet.


Blue collar boy checking out a hole.                                Blue collar boy (L) and Purple collar girl (R)


EmmyLou and George checking out something.                               Look out George!  She's gonna get you!       



Be sure to check back often for the latest developments as these little Italian Spinone grow.  I'll update this page at least weekly until the babies leave for their new homes.

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