GCH. CH. Netis Feelin Groovy CGC


CH. Mals-About Kentucky Rain

Born September 11, 2011


Edie and Rain would like you to join them in welcoming their Spinone babies.  Because of their birthdate, this group will honor our country with their names.  With beautiful parents that have super temperaments and a great willingness to please, I expect these babies to be able to do whatever they are asked to do.  To see the pedigree on these puppies, just click here.


Edie                                                                   Rain

And now let's meet the children!


Whew, birthin' babies is hard work!                          Ha!  Fooled ya!  There were really 6!

One day old now with their ribbons on.

It's hard to believe that this week has flown by so quickly!  Edie continues to be an exemplary mother and the babies are thriving under her care.  And gosh have they grown!  Let's take a look...


Roly poly little babies!


The girls....                        and...                           the boys  

Two weeks old now and getting bigger by the minute.  They're starting to move around more and a couple are even trying to get their feet under them but it's still early days.  Their eyes are starting to open and soon they'll be on the go.  


  Sleeping and eating....  what they seem to do most of the time at this age.  Oh, yeah, and growing!


When they aren't sleeping or eating, they are starting to try to stand.  It won't be long and they'll be on their feet and start learning to talk back with little yips and barks.  And then the fun begins for real!

Oh, my, that week between two and three weeks is a monumental one for the babies.  Eyes fully open and up on their feet.  They aren't real steady yet but making progress every hour.  This is one of my favorite times...going from helpless little babies to PUPPIES!  


Look at us!  We're learning to walk and soon we'll be running!


Poor Edie...  Checking for anybody needing cleaning and then turns into a jungle gym when she tries to rest.

Three and a half weeks and the babies spend a lot of their time out of their box.  The mat used as extra footing while they get their feet under them gets a lot of use as the week goes on.


Poor Edie just can't seem to catch a break except when they wear down and take a nap.

The babies graduated from little pans to the flying saucer to keep them from napping in the food pans.

Four weeks old!  Oh, yeah, they are enjoying exploring the den and playing with whatever they find.  Soon they'll make the move to the dog room where they'll have lots more room to rip and run.

Fun times!  New toys and lots of nooks and crannies to investigate.  I love this stage where they are just learning about the big, wide world.

   It won't be long and I won't be able to get all of them in one picture!

Babies still wear down pretty quickly so it's back to bed for a nap.

What fun!  Grandson CJ came to visit for a few hours during the middle of the week so the puppies had a new playmate!


Ooohh...a new person to climb on!  And, of course, CJ always gets out the dragon for the babies to play on.

The weekend was a busy time, too.  Five weeks old and lots of company over the weekend.  The babies traded in their ribbons for collars and moved to the back porch which is really the dog room.  Now they have more room to rip and run and play and are close to the doggie door when the time comes that they can go outside.

Oh, yeah!  Lots of space now!


Life is good!


A wrestling match in progress.                                                   And now time for dinner.

The next night...


Watch me run!                            Augie says he would like that duck, too!                   Hey guys, what did you have for dinner?

A lucky shot of all in the same picture!  Those days are numbered!

Six weeks old already?  Where have the days gone?  As you'll see, the puppies are growing by leaps and bounds and getting more and more sure of themselves.  Play is more often a free for all but it's all in good fun.  Every one of these little guys is happy and outgoing.


Wow!  New toy and it wiggles and squirms and everything!                         Oops!  That's no toy, it's Gretchen!                       

               Edie says "That's it!  I'm outta here!  These guys are just too busy!


Hey, Mom!  Watcha doin' with that funny box?                                             Places to go and things to do...


So much to do and we don't want to waste any time.                          Just have to love those ears!               

It looks like nearly everybody needs help carrying their toys!

The weekend the babies turned 7 weeks old gave us a couple of decent days so outside we went.  As you'll see, they were busy and going full steam ahead.  Unfortunately, I did miss some good pictures because I was having such a good time watching them explore.


I think I see something, not sure what                                                 This little guy was determined to catch Gretchen!


They were all over the place!


They haven't quite got the hang of the tunnel yet.                                       Perusing their kingdom...                   


It's much more fun to rip and run and make life miserable for Gretchen!  ps...Gretchen really loves it!


Be sure to come back often to watch as these little Spinoni grow and develop into happy go lucky youngsters.  I'll update this page weekly until the puppies leave for their new homes.


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