GCh. Ch. Netis Feelin Groovy CGC


GCh. Ch. Buonarroti Dal Podere Antico CD BN RE JH CGC

Born November 12, 2013


Edie and Michael would like for you to join us in welcoming their babies.  This litter combines two of the top kennels in Europe and the UK.  You can find more information on Edie and Michael in Meet My Dogs.  These little guys should be able to do anything, the sky is the limit.


Edie                                                                                     Michael

Typical Edie, she had to make her babies' arrival a production!  But, at last, they made their appearance.


Almost ready, but would much rather be on the couch, Mom.                  I won!  She had them in her box!

At two days old, white/orange boy at the top and the brown roan girl at the bottom.

Two weeks old and the babies are starting to do more than eat, sleep and .....  Their eyes are starting to open and they are beginning to try to get up on their feet.  Did I mention that they are growing by leaps and bounds?

Edie is such a good mother!


In typical Spinone fashion, this little girl is looking away from me.  But I caught her pretty face when she was napping!


Oh, yeah, the boy looks away, too!  But what a sweet baby sleeping.

Three weeks old already!  Time is flying and Christmas will be here before I know it!  The babies are moving around more and practicing getting up on their feet.  Eyes are open and they are now responding to sounds as well as starting to play.  It won't be long before the real fun begins!

They still sleep a lot but....


The little boy is almost there!                                                              And so is the little girl!      


I love the "mouth" games they all start with!                               Hey, Sis!  Wake up!  I wanna play!        


I give up!  She just won't wake up!                                          What!?  Did somebody say something?

It doesn't seem like these babies should be four weeks old already!  The time is flying by!  Lots of changes this week.  The babies are up moving around both in and out of their bed.  Meal time has become more interesting and they often wander into the kitchen when I'm stirring things up.  Fun times with just two puppies to keep up with!


Yummy!  And they are pretty tidy while they eat.

      Pictures can be a challenge when Mom immediately plants herself when she sees the camera!  Edie is a princess!


What????  You woke me up for this?  Oh, well, may as well take a tour of the den while I'm up.


Is something going on that's interesting?  Oh, yeah!  I'll taste these shoes!

Five weeks old and the entire house has become their playground.  I am definitely rethinking my decision not to put up an exercise pen around their box.  Soon they will have to move to the dog room aka back porch to keep them safe from the abundance of feet that will be here Christmas eve and day.  This has been a week of giant strides.  As I said, the puppies have taken over the house, investigating and playing to their hearts content.  

A few days ago, I was rushing around and didn't pay the very best attention when Edie and Michael came back from the field.  Imagine my surprise when I noticed Edie calmly feeding her babies while holding a quail!  No doubt in my mind that she was still holding it to keep them from having it!

Somebody needs to get their priorities in order!   


Babies having a rip roaring good time wrestling with each other.  What fun it's been with just the two of them.

  Misplaced this one earlier today and found him snuggled down on his Dad's bed in my bedroom while the Java Hound watched over him.

Six weeks old and the babies are continuing to take over the house.  Christmas week is always a busy one around here and this one was no exception.  Just one glitch and that is that the puppy pics for the week in my camera have gone AWOL so we'll depend upon the ones in my phone.

We had nasty storms going through one night just before Christmas and my grandsons were a bit worried but not this pair. 

They were piled up on their Dad's mat in the bedroom!

And off to the vet for wellness checks!  They had a good time and were diagnosed as healthy but very spoiled.


Hey, this thing is giggly!                                             This is my bored face.


It was just awful!  She stuck that thing up my butt!                                Can you see my brain?                    




Be sure to check back often for the latest developments as these little Italian Spinone grow.  I'll update this page at least weekly until the babies leave for their new homes.

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