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Ch. Mals-About Kentucky Rain


Darcy and Rain would like to introduce their new babies and invite you to join us as we watch these latest little Italian Spinone grow and develop.   We expect these little ones to have the looks and personality to do it all whether you want a dog to show, do performance, hunt, or just lounge on your couch.  To see a pedigree on these Spinone babies, click here.


Darcy                                                                                                                              Rain    

We waited throughout the weekend for their arrival...


      Waiting patiently...                                                                     And finally!    

Sadly, the tiny little girl did not live.  However, the other puppies are doing famously and growing very well.  At almost a week, they are getting to be little chunks.


                         Girl (pink ribbon) on left, boys on the right.                                           Snoozing next to Mom is what they do best right now.   


Just eating and growing.  In another week their eyes will be open and they'll be moving around quite a bit.

Two weeks old and these little guys are growing very fast.  Darcy is being such a good Mom, feeding and cleaning continuously.  Their eyes are starting to open and they will soon be trying to run around.  I can hardly wait!


  Doing what they do best...sleep and GROW!                          Poor Darcy wanted to lay down but a puppy got under her tummy!

Well, Darcy tried to scare me to death this week by having bloat on Monday night.  Thankfully, after a successful tubing and flush she was well on the road to recovery.  Just to be on the safe side, surgery was done on Wednesday to make sure everything was where it was supposed to be and to do a stomach tack.  It was a rough week for all of us.


 Not sure how to lay down with a sore tummy but soon she decided she wanted her babies next to her and eased herself down.  Darcy is doing her very best to be a good mother!

Almost three weeks and the babies are getting up and moving around more and more.  Eyes are open and they are practicing puppy barks.  The fun is about to begin!


In the next couple of days I'll start giving the babies some solid food.  Bet they like that!

The babies really like their food!

And Darcy enjoyed the clean-up after!

Four weeks old and the babies are enjoying their toys and playing with each other.


The days of having all five in one picture are definitely drawing to a close.


Looks like a wrestling match in progress.                                                  Hey, I might want that ball!     

Four and a half weeks and the babies are getting out and touring the den.  It's almost time to give them more room.


             If we work together we might pull it off!                               OK, I got it down.  Now what do I do with it?     

Five weeks old and time for a change!  The babies are getting busier so they moved to the back porch with the other guys so they have more room to play and socialize.


I kinda like it.  How about you?                                                                 It's mine!  No, it's MINE!


OK, the fox is dead.  Let's work on the paper!                 Let me get a quick drink and I'll help you with that raccoon.

It was a busy week around here while we got ready for our annual Spinone gathering.  Lots of folks to visit with and play with while the babies learned about the great outdoors.


They didn't waste much time and got right to investigating.


        Ooooh, BIG step!                                                                      And then Zip and Tango came out to play.  Tango got mugged!

Six weeks old now and getting out and about even more.


Loving all the neat toys.                                                            A bird, maybe?     

And a trip to the vet for their well-baby checkups.


       Puppies are always a hit at the vet clinic!                                These guys just lounged around waiting their turn.     


   No, not looking up.  Like these fingers!                                         You're checking my WHAT?????      


     And there's always time to practice stacking!

Seven weeks old!  Can you believe it?  It only seems like yesterday....


            A rare picture with all of them in one shot!                                                    Blue boy tries out the teeter while Purple boy looks under

A quick note...the colors that I refer to are the color ribbons the puppies are wearing.


Purple boy looks out the fence                                          Pink girl and Red boy snuffle while Blue boy climbs out of his hole.


Green boy trots out while purple boy runs to meet him.                                 And the wrestling match is on!


Just shortly, though, everybody is playing again.


Please join us often to watch as these baby Spinoni grow from tiny babies to very busy youngsters.  I'll update their page weekly until they leave home.  You never know what will show up!

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