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April 2, 2010

Daisy and Michael would like to introduce you to our latest Spinone Italiano puppies.  These little Spinone will be full of life and have fun loving, happy go lucky personalities.  And if Daisy and Michael are indicators, they'll be kids that can do it all from the show ring to the hunting field and back to the obedience ring.  No foolin'!  To see a pedigree on these babies, click here.


Daisy                                                                     Michael 

In the days before the puppies' arrival, Daisy was looking pretty round.


But we went from here                                   to here with no problems


Boys                         and                      Girls

Think they're growing?


Two days                                                          Six days

One week old and a road trip!  This weekend we traveled to some hunting tests so Michael could participate in the tests.


The babies were snug in their temporary quarters in the motorhome while Dad was working.


Michael did really well at the tests, qualifying in all four to earn his Junior Hunter title.  Michael was trained and handled by his special friend, Dick Dunnuck.

Back home and the kids never missed a beat.  It's hard to believe that they are now 2 weeks old!  But what a difference that week makes!  Their eyes are open now and, though a bit wobbly, are on their feet and moving around their box.  It won't be long now until it'll be a full time job to keep up with them!


Practice barking and playing but nobody is steady enough to stay on their feet for too long!

And, as always, it's soon time for a snack.

It was a busy week for the babies.  They got their first taste of real food and thoroughly enjoyed getting it in as well as on themselves.


Daisy enjoyed the clean up!!

Three weeks old!  Where is time going?


On their three week birthday they got weighed, another nail trim and back in to snuggle with their Mom.

Sunday afternoon and time for a move!

These guys needed more space so moved to the back porch aka dog room where they were welcomed by the gang.  Here they are having dinner before settling down for the night.

Four weeks old now and what a difference a week makes!  The puppies are eating very well, playing hard, and GROWING!!!


Sometimes in the box and sometimes out.  Daisy wants out more often than she wants in!


And sometimes there's an extra playmate!  CJ never misses an opportunity to snuggle with puppies!


While her brothers and sisters finished eating, this one saw her opportunity to rid the world of an "evil" fox!


Soon joined by the others, some of which decided a nap was in order after lunch.

It's hard to believe that the last five weeks have flown by.  These little Spinoni are getting to be a lot of fun now.  The other day it was warm and sunny and the babies got their first inkling of the big wide world.  What an adventure!


At first they weren't too sure about this new place but soon were off and running!


Check this out!              Not often one thinks of actually sitting on the step!              Are you coming?


It didn't take long at all for the little guys to be all over the place.  I love to see little puppies that want to investigate!

After Mother's Day visits, the kids were still ready to romp.  Just a bunch of little Energizer Bunnies!


Poor Daisy, the walking milkbar!                 Soon the babies were back ripping and romping and shredding newspaper.

Six weeks old and into everything.  High energy and investigating everything.


Hey, what did you do with the water?               Yummy bone!  Too bad my teeth are up to it yet.

And that was the end of 'still'!


I'm gonna pounce on that Kong!                               Hi Edie!  Can we go too?

Oh, yeah!  They were going, invitation or not!

Six and a half weeks and it's a trip to the vet for their well baby checkup.  It was quite an adventure getting all of them into the van, unloaded at the vet's office, then reversing the procedure.  Of course, there was the usual challenge of trying to keep them from escaping when we opened the door to put another in the room.


Whew, finally worn down and waiting quietly.            Rusty telling Dr. Ross that he really wants down.


Everything sound ok, Doc?                     Here's a kiss for your trouble.

Back home....


and lunch...                                                             followed by dessert!

Seven weeks old now and the world belongs to them!


I got out the old teeter to help occupy the kids and they love running up and down and jumping on it.


         Gretchen loves to "exercise" the puppies!                   Pretty busy place out there with Daisy and Edie supervising.

But where is Michael?

Enough of those needle teeth!  I'll just rest up here on the table.


Be sure to check back often for the latest developments as these little Italian Spinone grow.  I'll update this page at least weekly until the babies leave for their new homes.

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