CH. Mals-About In The Nick O' Time


CH. Mals Abouts Chance

would like to introduce their children born on Groundhog Day,

February 2, 2003



Chance and the new babies        and       Nick as he wins one of many Best of Breeds



The babies are growing like little weeds.  At 2 weeks they are almost double their birth size.  Poor little Chance will have her paws full keeping up with this crowd.


At almost 3 weeks the little guys were starting to stand up and move around.  By 3 weeks they are moving all around the box and starting to wrestle with each other.  They're also starting to find their voices so they practice yipping at each other and Mom.


Now, at 3-1/2 weeks, these guys are climbing out of the box and starting to investigate the world around them.  They want to see what I'm doing with that funny "box" that makes flashes.  In the second picture, you will note that one puppy is missing.  She had gone into the den to check out the toys that Josie had left behind.


Chowing down at 4 weeks                        Hey!  Cool toy!


Josie and the kids playing at 5 weeks.  Though she's only 4 months herself, Josie likes to help Chance keep the babies clean every chance she gets.  She also likes sharing her toys with them!


At 6 weeks the kids are getting very busy.  It's hard to catch them all in one area so I'm having to take pictures as I can catch them still.  Here are a couple visiting with great-grandmother Gina.  Others were in the mudroom with the "giggle".

And...a couple decided that great-granddad Appolo's crate would be a good place to catch a quick nap.  They weren't there for long though!


Mobbed!  As you can see, at almost 7 weeks these kids have nearly outgrown Mom.  Poor Chance says, "Just get me out of here!"  She escaped out the dog door as a couple take a peek to see which way she went.


Hah!  Without Mom to tear them up, we can play with our soft squeaky toys.  We like this cool coon with loooong arms and legs.  Watch him stretch!


The kids are 7-1/2 weeks old now and busy as they can be.  Here are some investigating the great outdoors.  Josie, acting like a little mommy, is giving one a quick cleanup or maybe just reassuring her that all is well.


And...they are helping me a lot!  Brooms have always had great attraction for little ones and these guys decided that the one I use to sweep the breezeway and patio is especially tasty.  This bunch must have thought I could use some help loading the dishwasher!  I always wonder what the ones that I'm not looking at are doing.  Since Josie wasn't helping out here, I can only presume that they are still outside.


Be sure to join us often as we watch Chance and Nick's babies grow up.  I'll update weekly so everybody can see the changes.


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