CA Newsflash - June 15, 1999  

At the health seminar on 13 June 1999, Dr. Bruce Cattanach announced that he had just received information on some of the litters sired by Wynsett Jumpin' Jack Flash.  At the moment he has given him a 94.5% possibility of being clear of the A gene but there is still more work to do before he can be declared completely free (He needs around 98% to be sure.).  Hopefully this will be very soon.

Also Dr. Matthew Binns announced that he is on the verge of being able to start the research into finding the DNA markers.  He has a very tight family group of blood samples and there are just one or two things need doing and, of course, we still need the tissue samples from the AHT.  Matthew has said that if we agree he is prepared to write an application for a grant for the majority of the funding needed as long as we make a contribution.  He also has the staff resource available.

Our intention now is to get the tissue samples from the AHT as a matter of urgency and to have a vigorous fund raising campaign to show that we are serious about getting this resolved.  Matthew Binns said that very few breed clubs show the commitment that we have and that is why he wants to help us.  He is very excited and full of enthusiasm so let's all join him and make this work.

Issued by Pat Wilkinson on behalf of the ISCBG.  15 June 1999

Pat Wilkinson

01522 547261

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