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Bunny has come home to visit to have her babies here.  She and Rain invite you to join us as we watch their babies, born on September 17, 2008, grow and develop into the rousing youngsters that Spinoni are.  You can look at the pedigree for these "Country" kids here.


Bunny                                             Rain

What a lively week it's been around here!  High winds took down huge trees and power and phone lines throughout the area.  Four days into the power outage Bunny decided it was time for babies to arrive.  Thank goodness for a generator and extension cords!

Without further ado, here are Bunny's new baby boys...


Yes, Bunny, you did GOOD!                   The boys are very strong and active.

Already a week old!  Time goes so very fast!  


What a difference in their sizes in just one week!  They'll be up running around in no time at all!

Whew!  If you think there was a big difference between newborn and week one, you should see them now at two weeks!  Oh, are some pictures!


Starting to try to walk and play...                ...even when your feet get tangled up!


But when play time is over, it's nap time because learning to walk and play is hard work!

At almost 3-1/2 weeks, these guys are doing quite well getting around.  They've moved out to the dog room because...

the grandsons wanted to put up the Halloween village.  Speaking of grandsons, CJ is spending a couple of weeks with me while his parents are vacationing in Hawaii so if I get behind, please forgive me.

And now...back to the babies!


Well, I WAS resting til you interrupted!                Hold up!  I'll be right there!           


As you can see, the boys are starting to play with each other.  It won't be long now til it will be a challenge to keep up with them.


Look here!  It's Mom's food!                         OK, kids, you stay out of my dinner.

So off they go again to see what else they can find!

Four weeks old and the kids are eating well and growing FAST!


And wanting to get out to run around!

At four and a half weeks they really ARE running around!


What'cha havin', Mondo?                             Hi Michael!  Is that your dinner?



Oh, yeah!  They are busy!

Five weeks old already!  They got to go spend the weekend at Bunny's real home while I was off at hunting tests so we were a little short on pictures this weekend.  Here they are at five and a half weeks.  You'll notice that it's getting more and more difficult to get "still" pictures of them.


Poor Bunny!  Fox is trying to pull her ear off!  And then she headed outside to escape those sharp little teeth.




Sooo...they had to entertain themselves which they were more than happy to do.


They did finally slow down for a couple of minutes...  It didn't last long, though!

I can hardly believe that the babies are six weeks old already!  Where have the days gone?  They had company this week when Jesse came out to visit Fox and brought his friend Jason along to meet the babies.


Fox says Hi to Jason while Jesse looks on.  The Fox gets a snuggle from his new Dad while Wiley gnaws on Jason's kneee.


Both boys enjoyed having company to play with.

We had a beautiful weekend and the babies took full advantage, playing outside and exploring the world.


Here I come, better get ready!                        Hi, Mondo!  What'cha doin'?


Running around or just standing and taking it all in.  The pups had a ball.


Checking out the teeter...                           and wrestling with Mom on the patio.

    and checking out the world beyond the fence...

And back inside for a much needed rest!

Seven weeks old and nearly impossible to get them sort of still at the same time.  They've had their puppy wellness check-up and both weighed in just over 15 lbs.  Chubby kids!  The weather is definitely turning more fall like so the puppies get to play in the leaves.


As you can see, there's lots to do and the puppies are in a hurry to see it all.


There's the teeter...                                             And playing tag... 


                Got a little more than you can handle there, don't you Son?


Just running around enjoying life!


Be sure to check back often to watch these Spinone Italiano babies grow.  I'll be updating the page weekly until they leave for their new homes.

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