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May 14, 2006

Bunny has come home to visit so she could have her babies here.  And we spent Mother's Day having those Spinone Italiano babies.  Bunny and Brian invite you to join us in watching their babies grow.  If you would like to see the pedigree of these puppies just click here.



Bunny                                                                  Brian     

Brand new babies, all cleaned up, weighed and dressed in their colored ribbons.  Bunny did a very good job and is now resting quite comfortably.



The boys........                                               And, the girls.......                

One week old today...


Look how much they've grown!  They just seem to grow before my eyes!

Two weeks old today...  Do you think they've grown much?


Let's make it easy to reach the dinner bar!              A pile of puppies!                     


     Bunny!  Yoohoo, Bunny!                 What?  Can't you see I'm busy doing laundry?


Eyes are starting to open and the babies are moving around more and more.  As you can see, they are getting more creative in their sleep arrangements, too.  It won't be long and they'll be on the go!

Three weeks old and it's hard to believe they're so active already.  Happy, healthy babies thanks to Bunny being a very good mommy!


Since they have been sampling Bunny's food, I thought it was time for them to have some of their own.  Sure enough, they dug right in and licked the pan clean!  And then had dessert at the snack bar so politely presented by Bunny.


A quick nap and they were ready to go again.  Here they are trying out their legs and catching Bunny standing still for a quick snack.

At four weeks old, the little ones are on the go!  New toys, newspapers, even a brother's or sister's noses are all fair game.



They can definitely rearrange things quicker than I can straighten them out!

And then it's time to head back in for a nap.

Four and a half weeks and we moved to the porch so we have more room...


to stretch out and play.  And we're closer to the doggie door for future excursions!

Oh, yeah, five weeks and checking the great outdoors!


Where they can RUN!!!                               Or just noodle around          


And check out life's interesting things....


Like trying to figure out where Mom went and how do we go there...

Six weeks old and lots of company for the weekend so there was plenty of time for visiting, playing and socialization.  


Hi kids, are you having a good time outside?  Oh, yeah, there was wrestling...


and the teeter to play on and chew          and the long line to tangle and chew      


Mom to catch for a quick snack and naps to take in the cool dirt under the tree...

What???  It must be dinner time!  We have to go!

Six and a half weeks and there's just no end to what these little guys find to get into!


Hey, guys, she left the door open!  Come on in!


Run, Lily, here they come!   What do you mean you didn't want us in here?  Bedrooms are neat places to be.

Seven weeks and the world is our oyster!


There's always company!                          And an odd bird or two....       


And trees to play under...                        or chew on!               

And keeping Josie company after her surgery.

Nearly 8 weeks old and we're back outside as much as we can be cause that's where the action is!


Trying to figure out how to get out in the main yard...         and teetering         


Having a grand time wrestling with grandmother Lily.


Be sure to come back soon to see how much the Spinone babies have grown!

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