Ch.  Bramble del Subasio


Ch. Goldfly Appolo

December 28, 2003

Bramble and Appolo invite you to join us as we watch their babies grow.   Here's the pedigree of the babies.



                   Bramble                                                Appolo (pictured at age 10-1/2)

And now...on to the stars of this show!


Bramble, already doing "laundry"                      OK, almost done!


      The whole group at one day.                    Boys on left, girls on right.


Oh, my, YES, they are growing!  At one week, they have nearly doubled their birth weight.  Bramble is feeding them well!

At a week and a half, a couple are practicing "sunning"!


And at 2 weeks the eyes are opening and everybody is moving around more and more.  The roan is starting to show more and more on the brown puppies.  Poor Bramble will soon be over run with them.


Boys at 2 weeks                                            Girls at 2 weeks


Three weeks and we're rarin' to go!  Life will get very interesting now that the kids are on the move.


To try to give some perspective, I put a 12 inch ruler in with the puppies so you have a comparison.  Of course, there just has to be one wise guy in the group that thinks it's something to eat!


Oh, boy!  Now that the kids are four weeks old, we probably won't have many more pictures showing all of them at one time.  They just don't stay in one spot long enough.   Some have finished their lunch and gone to play in their bed while others finish up.


       A very busy group                                BB says, "Here, Guido, let me clean your face"

And at 5 weeks....


Hey, look guys, more house!  All you've got to do is STRETCH!!    And they did!!!


    These kids found Gina's old bed                        And these hold a wrestling match

Time for a nap 'cause playing is hard work!

At six weeks, there's just no way to have them all together at one time so we just move around with them!


   Some check out the broom ...                    Some investigate a place to ambush from!


A couple of girls "kill" the mop ...                          And, after it's "dead", use it as a bed!


Moretti takes a drink while Guido looks on.     And back to bed so Mom can rest!

By now we've hit seven weeks and about the only time they are remotely still is when they are eating or sleeping!


     Chow time!                                                                    "Doing" dishes!


           Hey, Dad!  Come on and play!                 Hmmm...wonder what's up here!


Come visit often to watch the babies grow!


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