Ch. Bramble del Subasio


Ch. Dazen's Gift To Mals-About CD

welcome their new babies born on April 25, 2003

Come join us as we watch our newest litter grow!



          Bramble                                                                                Kermit


Hey, Mom!  Can I have my babies here in Gina's bed?


Hold up the picture taking!  I have to make sure they're clean!           OK, now we're all cleaned up and ready to view!      


As you can see, they're growing very quickly.  There's quite a difference from newborn to one week and at two weeks they are starting to fill the whelping box.


Those first meals at three weeks can be tiring affairs unless you're these two who took the opportunity to play some "mouth games" as they cleaned the extra food off each other.


And 4 weeks we're up and going, especially at 10:00pm!

Help, Mom, they're after me!  By 5 weeks, the pups are keeping Bramble on the run!


Well, everybody else did this so I guess we can too!        Hmmm, now how did Mom work this thing?


Grandson CJ is saying hi to the kids on their six-week birthday.  And, then, he decided they needed an extra snack!  



As you can see, the pups are now having a grand time playing outdoors.  They quickly learned how to negotiate the step and dog door and trying to keep them all in one spot becomes more of a challenge every day.


Be sure to join us weekly as we follow the babies from birth through their various stages of growth.

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