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Goldfly Scaramuccia

proud parents on November 20, 2001



                             Betsy                                                              Mickey

Come join us as we watch our latest babies grow!



And here they are!  5 little girls and 4 little boys


Very comfy at 1-1/2 weeks                 At 2 weeks they're really growing


Here are the girls at 2 weeks...                   and the boys


At 3-1/2 weeks they're still mostly eating and sleeping but they'll wake up soon!


Uh, oh!  There they go!  Four weeks and raring to go!   


Help!!  I'm being mobbed by my own children!  I can't believe they're already 6 weeks old!


OK, I've got it down!                   Give me a paw here!  


Let's see, is that a bit of food on your eyebrow?       I'll just shred some paper for Mom.


At 7 weeks, it's every man, er pup, for himself!             Hmm...can't get the whole head in my mouth!


Now, how did she open these cabinets?                           Uh oh, here comes Mom!


See you next week for an update!!


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