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April 5, 2014

Girlie Girl and Augie Dog would like to invite you to join us as we watch their new Italian Spinone babies grow.  We'll expect to see lots of personality in this group of babies. 


Girlie Girl                                                                            Augie Dog    

Without further ado, here are the babies!

Newborn babies all cleaned up and tidy.

And a couple of days later....


Boys......                                                   and....                            the girls

At one week, these babies are growing like wildfire.  Girlie is being such a good mother, keeping them clean and fed so well they have nearly doubled their birth weight.


And now two weeks old....

Having a snuggle at the milk bar

At 2-1/2 weeks now the babies have their eyes open and are getting steadier on their feet.  Oh, my, this is going to be a busy bunch.  I can tell already.


Practicing their walking (and running) skills.  I'll even hear a little bark every now and again.


Don't forget climbing skills.                                    Starting to wear down after a very busy time.

And the crash!  Got to rest up for the next round!

For their 3 week birthday, the puppies were traveling.  Yep, when we go dog showing or hunting, babies have a spot in the motor home.  This weekend was dog shows.  As you'll see, they don't really even notice they've had a change of venue.

All in their special area of the motorhome and ready to go.


It didn't take these guys long to figure out that the sides aren't nearly as tall as their whelping box in the house!

A couple of times they had a wander around the motorhome.

     All set for the ride home.

And back home again.....

It was time for real food and these guys were ready!  Nice tidy eaters, too!

Four weeks old and the babies are getting more adventuresome every day.  They regularly make excursions around the den and into the kitchen while I mix their food.  Did I mention they are growing by leaps and bounds?

At the rate they are growing, the puppies are soon going to overtake Girlie!  You've heard of sticking your head in the oven?

Well, Girlie sticks her head in the water bucket!

There's something about late at night.....


that gets the babies all wound up!  Growling and barking and rolling around!  What fun to watch as I catch the late news.


Hmmmm...the food pans seem to be shrinking.  I think we're going to have to get out the bigger pans.

Four and a half weeks and we've moved!  We moved to the back porch aka doggie room where we have more light and more room.  It's also closer to the doggie door for when we start learning about that.


We have our very own big, big crate to sleep in.  And everybody knows dogs like to drink from the toilet so we have our very own one of those, too.


They are even learning about using their potty pan!  Girlie checks out the toy selection while a couple of the puppies has a tussle.

Five weeks and the rains have come...again.  That means the babies just play and play inside. you'll see, they don't seem to mind too much.


It's harder for me to get pictures as they rip and run around on the porch.


Fun times with all the toys to drag around!

As you can see, even with the close quarters I can't get everybody in one picture.  Those days

are long gone.

Six weeks old and even though it's pretty chilly outside, at least the rain has stopped.  Outside for some play time and doing a bit of investigating.


They weren't too sure about things at first but it didn't take long before they were off and running.


Oops!                                             Look out, Gretchen!                                Hmm...wonder what she sees.


To go or not to go...                 Soon after....                    What's out there, Gretchen?

Six and a half weeks and we went to see the vet for our wellness checkups.  Dr. Ross said that we were all very healthy babies and she liked us a lot.


Oops!  The vet tech spied Roger!                                  And off they went for a tour of the clinic.


Are you sure that thing won't hurt me?                                     My, what pretty teeth you have!

See there!  It didn't hurt a bit!




Please come back often and watch these Spinone babies grow and develop over the coming weeks.  I'll be updating and adding pictures often.


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