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"Augie Dog"

July 1, 2011

From the time this boy was born he "spoke" to me.  I knew he was going to be special and he's proven me right but, of course, how could he not be from two very special parents.  A free spirit like both his parents, Augie showed his independence and determination to be a bird dog from the time he discovered the pheasant pen at Dick and Kathy's training grounds when he was only about eight weeks old.  Here's his pedigree for you to take a look at.

You mean this isn't where I belong?

  At about eight months exhibiting the intensity inherent to his being.

People ask me if these dogs gather "stuff" in the field.  Oh, yeah!  But it's worth every bit of it! 

As with all my dogs, Augie also had to prove himself in the show ring.  He started off with a bang and didn't slow down until he finished his championship by going Best of Breed over seven specials at the tender age of thirteen months.

Still...Augie Dog's real love is the field where he is driven to run and hunt.  Completing his Junior Hunter title was a bit of a challenge because he continually outran the fields so off to the field trials he went.  Running in field trials allowed the boy to stretch it out and RUN.  Thankfully, he would find birds and hold his point until he was found.

Twice the little man placed in Derby stakes in all-breed field trials with large entries.

What does the future hold for this outstanding young man?  We'll just have to wait and see.  I can guarantee that it will include field work.


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