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Ch. Mals-About In The Nick O'Time

Proud parents on March 29, 2002

Erica and Nick invite you to join us as we watch their babies grow.



Erica                                                        Nick       



And here they are, just getting started on life.


As you can see, Erica is in to home decorating!   But, at one week, it doesn't seem to bother the babies.  They have obstacles to climb over.


My apologies for taking a bit longer than usual to update pictures.  I really do have a very good excuse.  Meet Cole, my newest grandson and the reason my camera wasn't at home for a few days.  As you can see, though, the puppies didn't slow down on growing!


OK, you guys!  There are other food pans!       Nap time!  Eating's hard work!


At 4 weeks we're getting out more.  Here we caught Mom when she thought she was in a "safe zone".  Hey, who's that!  More just like us!  No chance of us getting mixed up, though, 'cause we're wearing rick rack and those other guys have bias tape ribbons.


Outside is a wonderful place to be!  A hole?  No, we're not digging!

And now for a dinner party with Dawn's kids invited too!


Be sure to come back next week to see how we've grown!


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