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May 27, 2012

Daisy and Michael would like to invite you to join them in welcoming our newest Spinone litter.  These babies will have it all...personality, athletic ability and excellent breed type.  They should be able to do it all from the show ring to the hunting field and back to the obedience ring.  And in between everything else, they'll be happy to share the couch and watch tv.  Click here to take a look at the pedigree of these puppies.


Daisy                                                                       Michael

These guys took their own sweet time getting here.  They were several days overdue but well worth the wait.  So, without further ado, here they are!


Still very new to the outside world.  We'll have more pictures in a day or so. 

Three days old and already growing...


All comfy and cozy                                                  Boy on left, girls on the right

Whew!  Where did that week go?  

A baby sprawl


It's easy to see that these little guys have grown!  Daisy is a very good mommy!

Two weeks old!  Their eyes are open and even starting to try to get up on their feet.  Hmmmm...could be a busy bunch!  Soon these little guys will be all over everywhere.  


These guys are growing so fast, poor Daisy may not have a place to sleep before long!


I think I knocked her out!                                              I give up! 

Almost three weeks old and the party is about to begin!  More and more practice standing and trying to walk and lots of little barks and growls going on.


                            Hmm...what's that on your nose?                          Here, I'll clean it off for you.                                           


Enough already!  I'm clean!                                Ok, everybody is sleeping.  It's MY turn!


It says a large & bulbous nose...                      You woke me up for this?                    I'm so sleepy I could just...zzzz


Photo ops are sooo exciting...NOT!                I've had helping hands this weekend.  CJ came to help me out.

This week the babies were introduced to baby food.  They loved it!  


mmm...  mmmm....   good!

It's hard to believe how big the babies have gotten already...

But....at four weeks, they are right on the mark.  They are moving around so much now that it's hard to get them all in the picture.  Just imagine what it'll be in the coming weeks.


They tumble and play.....


and play and tumble some more.  We're getting to the fun age now.  It won't be long now til they are all over the place.

As predicted, this week found the babies running wild through the den and kitchen.  The days of getting all the puppies in one picture have ended.  Now at 5 weeks, we'll see the puppies getting bigger and stronger and FASTER.  Did I mention that they have grown like run away weeds?


Now where did Michael's food pan go?                              A rare still moment                                


The Hedgehog made me do it!                                                Headed to help...


Somebody put a foot in that shoe!                              What did it say?                                   I'm so happy I could just laugh out loud!


I got the Hedgehog!                                                  I'm thinking about what to get into next.          

And gathered back up for a bit of a rest.  They've just about outgrown their "baby" bed!

Road trip!  Almost six weeks old and we're off to dog shows for the weekend.  Of course, the babies couldn't stay home so into the motorhome and off we went.


Not nearly as spacious as home but everybody managed.

After four days of being closely confined, the babies were ready to spread their wings and fly.  And fly they did...running through the house like little race horses.


Hmmmm....there's one I missed completely in pictures.  As you can see, these guys are very busy!

Six weeks and a couple of days old and the outside temperatures have finally dropped into the 90s from the last couple of weeks' triple digits so just before dark we went out to play.  Did the change in surface bother them?  Well, I'll just have to let you decide for yourself.


Oh, my!  Please excuse the out of focus shots.  These guys are on the move!


Ripping and running and having the very grandest of times!  Can you say high energy?


Here she comes....                                              And there she goes!


There's just not quite anything like watching a bunch of puppies playing full tilt boogie!

It does make getting decent pictures a bit of a challenge, though.

Seven weeks old and the puppies have had a busy week.  They finally got to move to the back porch aka doggie room so they were close to the doggie door.  Then my niece and her family came to visit.  The children had a ball playing with the puppies and I think the puppies enjoyed the company.


Luke made himself right at home in the puppies' crate while Tess tried to slow Lola down long enough for a snuggle.


Hmmm...I think we've got a dog whisperer in the family.

We've had a busy week!  The babies got evaluated, went to the vet for their wellness checkup, got their microchips and shots and, most important, learned how to navigate the doggie door all by themselves.

Sorry, they were moving too fast through the exam room to get decent pictures.



"Nice group of puppies." the vet said... 

Back home, they turned it on!


Hey, Mom, you should have gone with us to see the vet!              Yo, Gladys!  Pay attention when I'm talkin'!           


Whew, the toys are taking a beating today!


Would somebody please open the doggie door?            I think I'll just lay here and soak up the cool air!  


Be sure to check back often for the latest developments as these little Italian Spinoni grow.  I'll update this page at least weekly until the babies leave for their new homes.

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