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Born August 12, 2009

Scully and Brian announce the birth of their babies and extend this invitation to you to join us as we watch their Spinone babies grow.  No doubt there are some busy days ahead.  To see the pedigree on these little Spinone, just click here.


            Scully relaxing before the big day.                             Brian at the shows - 2008 Top Producing Spinone. 

And here they are!  There are two little boys and two little girls.


Boys are on the left, girls on the right.                    We couldn't have asked for a better 'split'.

It's hard to believe that they are nearly a week old already!  As you can see, they are growing well and moving around.


Road trip!  We had shows out in Kansas City so just packed Scully and the babies up so they could go along.


Life really isn't much different on the road other than the quarters aren't quite as large.


Back home now so Scully can spread out.                               But look, we seem to have picked up a hitchhiker!

Can they really be three weeks old already?  The days are flying by!


Edie slipped in for a quick visit while I cleaned their box.  Then the little ones didn't really want to stay put!


Scully came back in and had to check to make sure everybody was ok before settling down for a snack.

And the next night....

Scully was taking a break outside the box but a couple of the kids decided to take advantage of the accessibility of the snack bar by crawling over the side of the box!  Before long no place will be safe from them!

Three and a half weeks and the babies are starting to get really busy.  It won't be long til I won't be able to keep up with all the Spinone antics.  They've started eating and playing though a lot of time is still spent sleeping and...growing!


            Dinner time and everybody digs in!                 Gretchen says "Here, let me clean your face for you!"


      Edie and Gretchen checking out the kids.           Eating and playing are such hard work!  Must nap!

At four weeks, the babies are getting more active.  They are playing more with each other and definitely getting into the mouth games that puppies love to play.  


Come on, I can see you over there!                         Hah!  Got your nose!                          


And toys are a fun thing to have!  Often accompanied by appropriate noises.


Come on over and play!                                  Uh, oh!  We've had another join the fray!

I had to look at the calendar again.  It just doesn't seem like these guys are already five weeks old!  As predicted, they are now up and going strong.  Life is good and they are ready to rock and roll!


Edie must tell some fascinating stories because whenever the puppies can, they flock to her.  

As you can see, Gretchen, the Border Terrier puppy, doesn't miss an opportunity to play with somebody closer to her size.  Despite her small size, I have to watch her because she sometimes gets a little too rough for the babies.  Of course, the Spin puppies get her back!


Gretchen in attack mode.  Somebody took refuge under the microwave!         Hey, is it safe to come out? 


Michael giving the puppies some tips on how to get by with mischief!


I have to laugh because there's always some puppy that thinks food pans are good places to nap!

Five and a half weeks old and the babies moved to the porch so they have more room to run and play.  And, of course, it's closer to the doggie door so we can start the going outside process.  Scully says she needs to be where she can get out and take a break!


Nice roomy crate to sleep in.                                              And a water bucket we don't have to share!


I think it's definitely got possibilities.  How about you?                              Hi Edie, want to play?                            

Tell me the truth, now.  How do you REALLY feel about this move?

Six weeks old and it is STILL raining outside.  We may soon need to build an ark!  In the meantime, it's hard to keep little ones occupied when they can't go outside to play.


So they run through the dining room and the kitchen...     And on to the den where there's lots of room without the pen.

And as they headed back toward the porch....


Hey, look what I found!                                     We could do a little cleaning!  Or not....

Six and a half weeks and it FINALLY quit raining!  Now the little kids can get outside to play!


And play they did with Edie running herd on them.  Scully had taken herself off for some personal leave.


Payback now that they are bigger than Gretchen!                     Mindy and Stanley on the patio.              

Seven weeks old and we went to see the doctor!  Actually, we saw TWO doctors because we are so cute everybody wanted to play with us!


Spinone are people magnets!             Come here, little guy, and let me see you.                 Yep, she's a keeper.            

The doctors proclaimed the puppies in perfect health.  It took quite some time to get out of the clinic because of all the folks that had to visit the babies.



Be sure to come visit us often and watch as these Spinone Italiano puppies grow and develop.  They've quickly gone from the quiet stage to rowdy, active youngsters.  We're just not sure what they'll be into next.

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